22 July 2022

Why Your Child Should Cultivate A Consistent Writing Habit

It is common for many students to find essay writing to be a chore. Even adults may find writing regularly to be a challenge. This is because many people do not cultivate a consistent writing habit. When you only write sporadically, it is common to find the process draining, as your progress is likely to be slow and inconsistent.


However, having an established routine and structure can help aspiring writers immensely. By making writing a daily habit, students find it easier to commit to their craft and continue writing even when it feels difficult. Let us share some tips on how to establish a consistent writing routine.


But if your child is worried that establishing a writing habit equates to delivering hundred-plus words essays daily, then you can assure them that this is not the case. It is all about finding a writing avenue that they prefer – whether it is writing about their daily lives in a personal diary or posting weekly blog updates online.


No matter what their writing habits are, the most important thing is for them to establish a routine and stick to it. Not only does this help with their essay writing, but there are also various other tangible benefits that they can stand to gain.


1. Better self-discipline


Self discipline learn english in singapore


It is tempting for many students to procrastinate and put off doing their homework or revision till the very last minute, especially when they think they have ample time. This lack of self-discipline is often the main reason why procrastination occurs.


If you notice your child is constantly putting off doing what is important, then it is ideal to instill a consistent writing habit within them. When your child is committed to a schedule and focused on writing daily, they are strengthening their self-discipline and understanding the importance of this virtue.


2. Expand your child’s vocabulary


Subject development learn english in singapore


Expanding one’s vocabulary is a vital component of learning English. And if you want your child to be able to communicate well with others, it is crucial for them to be able to express themselves – and that starts with good vocabulary.


An excellent way to expand your child’s vocabulary is through consistent writing. They can read up and learn a new word every day and try to incorporate it into their daily writing.


If your child is worried they might forget the words they have learnt after a few days, you can advise them to keep track of the complete list of words they have mastered in a journal. They can regularly revisit the list and learn how to throw in a couple of expressions in their essay writing whenever possible.


3. Improves your child’s persuasion skills


children persuasion skills essay writing in singapore


Presenting a discussion and persuading others of your point of view can come in various forms – and writing is one of them. When a writer is drafting an article, they are not only trying to convince themselves of their own thoughts but also the readers as well. And the more your child writes, the better they will become at presenting their viewpoints and persuading others to listen to them.


4. It can help to relieve stress


child can learn that writing in a creative writing programme


Your child may find it incredulous when they learn that writing can help to relieve stress, but there are psychological studies that have proven this theory to be true. One of the reasons your child might feel this way is because they generally associate writing with their studies, which can be stress-inducing.


However, writing comes in various forms, and some can be therapeutic. Writing down the events of their day and how they are feeling in a diary can provide your child with a better perspective of their current situation, and they may feel much better about sharing their emotions, even though it is with a journal. This is particularly helpful for those who tend to be introverted and are hesitant about sharing their feelings with their friends or family.


As you can see, there are various benefits your child can gain from establishing a consistent writing habit. If you are keen on cultivating an interest in writing within your child, you may want to consider enrolling them in a creative writing programme. In fact, there are various learning centres that offer this specific English course in Singapore.


At Writers Studio, we understand the importance of cultivating an interest in writing among our students. Along with Teacher Carean Oh, our tutors strive to make our lessons as engaging as possible so that our students can learn the joy of creative writing and are encouraged to develop a consistent writing habit. If you are interested in enrolling your child in our programmes, do not hesitate to contact us today to find out more!