Online Courses

Although we originated as a school that caters only to lessons held physically on our premises, we have catered successfully to online students over the years. Our online lessons are handled with care and effectiveness.

STELLAR Integrated Creative Writing Course (P1 to P6)

Our pioneer course, STELLAR Integrated Creative Writing (ICW) provides primary school students with a strong foundation in the English language. We believe that to be able to write well, one has to understand the fundamentals of the essential components of the English language at the primary level: Grammar, Sentence Construction and Contextual Vocabulary.

STELLAR focuses on holistic English language learning and guiding students to excel in the years leading up to their PSLE. Other than Creative Writing and Paper 2 components, students are also well-prepared for their oral exam.

Join our all-in-one STELLAR creative writing programme today and achieve English language proficiency not just for the exams, but for a lifetime. Hear our graduates speak. (Link to testimonials) #SuccessThroughLiteracy

STARBRIGHT Writing Course (Pri 4 to Pri 6)

At its core, Writers Studio is all about writing. Our founder herself is a poet and a writer. She also graduated with a Masters in Creative Writing. STARBRIGHT, her brainchild, is specially designed to focus purely on writing—be it Situational Writing or Creative Writing. As a speech and drama teacher, she believes that Writing is an empathetic process. Students step into character through drama activities. Trained in teaching kids with multiple intelligences, she unlocks the creativity in students by harnessing brain activation techniques.

STARBRIGHT is a deep and extensive writing course that creates confident and effective writers. We believe that writing can and should be more than just putting pen to paper. It is about critical thinking. About connecting with the reader. And most importantly, it is about purposeful communication.

This tried-and-proven course is for students who wish to focus on sharpening their writing abilities. Unlike STELLAR Integrated Creative Writing, it is not inclusive of Paper 2 components.

STARDREAM O-Level/ IP Course (Sec 1 to Sec 4)

STARDREAM O-Level/ IP Course encompasses the English curriculum for secondary students. As the second leg of the STELLAR Primary journey, catapult your writing skills to new heights and conquer your fear of writing persuasively. Unravel how to score in Persuasive Essays, Narrative Recounts, Situational Writing (and the like) with our all-in-one English programme. This course also includes presentation & reading skills. Don’t read often? We equip you with the latest essay topics, research and read materials. The best part yet? We get you more than ready for tackling the Grammar-Editing & Visual Text sections, while training you meticulously on the comprehension & summary components. We spill the secrets to scoring through technique-driven approaches, making it so much easier for you to score. Never enter the exams less prepared than ever. Our teachers have a strong track record in rescue cases and of course, a legacy of top graduates at the O-Levels and IP!

We help our students further develop their language proficiency to prepare them for higher levels of education. Enrol today. #SuccessThroughLiteracy

O Level English

Want to score well in the upcoming GCE O-level Examination? English is one of the subjects to prepare for especially since the English language is also included in most learning tracks for Junior College. Join our O-level English Tuition now.