About the Course


STARBRIGHT is an extensive writing course that creates confident and effective writers. We believe that writing can and should be more than just putting pen to paper. It is about critical thinking. About connecting with the reader. And most importantly, it is about communication.

Featuring a large array of themes and topics to learn from throughout the academic year, we help students get in touch with their own creative potential. Lessons involve engaging activities that get the creative juices flowing—such as skits, arts and craft, storyboarding, and more!

Stimulate your child’s divergent thinking and guide them to become independent writers and learners.

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Write with Purpose


Make every paragraph count.


Students will learn how to break down an extensive list of themes and topics into bite-sized,
easy-to-understand discussion points.


Transform your writing and see results in 4–6 months!

Specialised Writing Techniques


Acquire ways to build compelling stories from words by amassing a wide range of vocabulary and literary techniques


  • Learn complex vocabulary in context
  • Employ the use of figurative language
  • Incorporate literary devices


Develop a readers’ lens with a keen sense of empathy for others and improve your overall linguistic ability!

Engage Your Reader


Write how you want to read. Strike a chord and connect with your reader.


This course introduces students to an exciting range of literature, providing students with the opportunity to be exposed to new perspectives.


  • Documentaries
  • Magazines
  • Poetry
  • Expositions
  • Novels


Ultimately, students will gain new insights into writing compositions and be able to craft meaningful narratives

Dedicated Community Support


Students will receive regular in-depth feedback to track their progress throughout the course.


STARBRIGHT is a culmination of past experiences and techniques acquired from students and teachers over the past decade.


Our dedicated team of expert and experienced educators are here to guide your child every step of the way. You’re in good hands with Writers Studio!

See what our past students have written!

Here are some excerpts our students have written under our tutelage. We think they deserve a medal!


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When are classes held?

Send us an enquiry to ask about our schedule.

Where are classes held?

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Onsite classes are held at our centre. Find us at #03-06 Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177.


Our classrooms are painted in soothing, pastel colours that create a learning environment where creativity can flourish! Every classroom is unique and caters to students of different ages and personalities.


We are also currently offering online English tuition classes.

How do you know that STARBRIGHT is for you?

This course is for those who wish to take things a step further and embrace writing as a way of life.
(After all, everybody writes.)


STARBRIGHT is perfect for those who are:

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Try new ways of telling a
story! Find different ways of
approaching clichés.

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Face your fear of writing. It’s
easier than you think!

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Have a strong thirst for
knowledge? Learn about the
world to enhance your writing.

Interested in enroling in our specialised English writing class? Registration is currently open for 2023. To register, talk to us at 91224880 or send us an enquiry through our contact page.

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