About the Course


STARBRIGHT is an extensive writing course that creates confident and effective writers. We believe that writing can and should be more than just putting pen to paper. It is about critical thinking. About connecting with the reader. And most importantly, it is about communication.

Featuring a large array of themes and topics to learn from throughout the academic year, we help students get in touch with their own creative potential. Lessons involve engaging activities that get the creative juices flowing—such as skits, arts and craft, storyboarding, and more!

Stimulate your child’s divergent thinking and guide them to become independent writers and learners.

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Write Freely and Purposefully

Your child will get to explore their own ideas freely but also learn how to make every paragraph count. Expert and passionate teachers will help your child put their imagination on paper.

  • Learn how to change personal experiences into stories
  • Write on an examinable topic while tapping on intrapersonal and visual-spatial skills.
  • Students will be prompted to inject their own relevant ideas

Transform your writing, learn to sculpt an interesting story, and see results in 6–9 months!

Specialised Writing Techniques

Amass a wide range of vocabulary and literary techniques and improve your overall linguistic ability!

  • Learn complex and contextual vocabulary
  • Employ the use of figurative language
  • Incorporate literary devices
  • Use the centre’s very own Writer’s Arc for consistently exciting stories

As we discourage rote learning, your child will learn the ins-and-outs of the aforementioned writing techniques. Why do they work in the first place? Where is the best place to use a technique?

Engage Your Reader

Write how you want to read. Strike a chord and connect with your reader. Your child will learn to treat their own feelings towards themes and topics seriously. Using authentic emotions, they will craft a story with a personal touch.

Furthermore, your child will be exposed to an exciting range of literature and as a result, new perspectives.

  • Cartoons
  • Poetry
  • News Articles
  • Storybooks
  • Literary magazines

Your child will be able to interact with a variety of forms to craft meaningful narratives. With a combination of individual experience and the knowledge of contemporary issues, this course will serve your child for a long time to come.

Dedicated Community Support

Parents will be able to assess their child’s progress through the detailed marking of an expert teacher and a general score at the end of every composition.

STARBRIGHT is a culmination of years of the experience of teachers who have authentic writing backgrounds. Dedicated to the artform, they will strive to inspire disengaged children.

Our passionate team of expert and experienced educators are here to guide your child every step of the way. You’re in good hands with Writers Studio!

Confidence to Write

The skills learnt in the course will give students the confidence to write. With confidence, they might even come to love writing. Either way, your child will become adept at:

  • Coming up with interesting plot points
  • Utilizing the full range of their vocabulary
  • Able to analyse a topic and write to the theme
  • Able to create thought-provoking characters
  • Adding Plot twists
  • Using the Writer’s Arc
  • Literary Techniques
  • Using paragraphing and sentence structure to control the pace of the story

No more fear of writing!

See what our past students have written!

Here are some excerpts our students have written under our tutelage. We think they deserve a medal!


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When are classes held?

Send us an enquiry to ask about our schedule.

Where are classes held?

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Onsite classes are held at our centre. Find us at #03-06 Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177.


Our classrooms are painted in soothing, pastel colours that create a learning environment where creativity can flourish! Every classroom is unique and caters to students of different ages and personalities.


We are also currently offering online English tuition classes.

How do you know that STARBRIGHT is for you?

This course is for children who find that writing is a laborious task and is just another component of examinations. Throughout the course, students will be prompted and encouraged to engage with the story that they are writing. Really engage with their personalised stories.


STARBRIGHT is perfect for:

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1. The Adventurous

Try new ways of telling a story! Find different ways of approaching clichés.

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2. The Brave

Face your fear of writing. It’s easier than you think! You might even begin to love writing!

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3. The Artistic

Can’t wait to try your hand at advanced writing techniques? Learn more about the art of writing and storytelling.

Interested in enroling in our specialised English writing class? Registration is currently open for 2023. To register, talk to us at 91224880 or send us an enquiry through our contact page.

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