Mrs Kim, parent of Writers Studio student

Dear Writers Studio,  


Kids had their AEIS test on Tuesday well. Everything went well. Kids said the test level was similar to the customised AEIS practice papers that they had with you and there were no surprises. For the writing part, creative writing was given and they also were comfortable with it. Thank you so much for all the hard work .Mrs Goh made for this preparation beyond classroom hours. MOE said the result will be given a few days before Christmas. We will share with you as well when we have the results. Please say thanks to Mr Edmund for the writing lessons as well!

Mrs Kim, Parent of Yoosu and Joonsu twins

Singapore-Korean International School

My Writers Studio teacher was very firm. My teacher ensured I did all my work. Despite his strict demeanour, his gentle and humorous side made lessons enjoyable. I do not like learning English actually. However, I found myself looking forward to the lessons.

My favourite aspect of the teaching was the way lesson concepts were simplified from complex ones. Because of this, I grew more confident and developed a more mature and critical perspective towards subject matters. This translated to a successful school interview performance at Hwa Chung International. When it came to writing, the centre identified some potential
essay topics, which one of them did come out for the essay-writing section!

It’s thanks to Writers Studio’s support that I managed to perform well enough
to secure a place at my dream school!

Andy Kim

Korean International School

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Dear Mrs Goh,
Happy Teacher’s Day to you. Thank you for helping me with my english learning. Thank you for giving me my worksheets at the late hours of the night & giving me small little gifts as encouragement. I hope you will like both the key fob & the tissue pouch. May God Bless you & have a blessed break.

E Lee

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A Thankyou Note

Dear Mrs Goh,

Thank you for your guidance and help given to Kayley to improve her English these past years.

Your efforts and hard work has paid off.


The Wee family.

P. T. O.

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Dear Mrs Goh

Thank you for patiently teaching Jadon since Pri 2. We are so very blessed to have you as his English teacher. He has grown & learnt so much under your tutelage. Although he still doesn’t like to read, he does remember everything that you’ve taught him – the language skills, vocabulary, grammar rules & spelling.

Thank you for your love & passion – always giving them extra lessons. Thank you for not giving up on Jadon.

When Jadon rise on to Secondary 1 next year, he hope that you’ll continue to be his English teacher until he graduated from secondary school.

Thank you, Mrs Goh!

Jadon’s mom.

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Hello Mrs Goh!! Happy Teacher’s Day!
I’m very thankful that I am your student as you never gave up on your students and always believed in them 🙂

You’re like a light guiding us in our studies 💖
All in all, thank you for being one of the best teachers I have known. <3

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Mr Edmund is a very kind and patient teacher who explain to us point to point. 

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Dear Ms Yeong,
Happy Teachers’ Day!
Thank you for putting in so much hard work and efforts for me to learn and for guiding me down the right path of life.
Stay safe and healthy!

From Aryn Lee


Writers Studio Student

Mr Edmund is very passionate and humorous. He makes his lessons fun and interesting! My grades shot up from AL 5 to AL 2! Thanks to Writers Studio and I most likely would come back in Sec 1!

Ivan Lim
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Dear Mrs Goh
Thanks for your dedication. Glad to have you as Kai Lynn’s English tutor.
Have a wonderful weekend!

💖 Sarah
(Kai Lynn’s Mom)

Writers Studio Student

Dear Writers Studio,

Ms Yeong’s Class is full of fun. She explains well and allow me to understand. She entertains us with jokes. Thank you Ms Yeong!

Megyn Dorett
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Ms Yeong is a patient yet strict teacher which allows me to try my best. She also teaches us in detail when we don’t understand something.

Vernon Tan
Writers Studio Student

Ms Yeong is very kind teacher, although she may look fierce. She is also an exceptional teacher and she is always encouraging me and helping me to solve my problems.

Writers Studio Student

Mr Edmund is a dedicated educator who is frequently concerned of his students’ well-being. He does his best to bone our skills and enhance our abilities. He is also humble when admitting his mistakes, proving that he is a fallible human being. He shares knowledge and recent news sometimes. Amidst the joy and fun in class, we still learn many precious information (Give us lesser homework though)

Zoey Ng
Writers Studio Student

Ms Yeong have taught me many good phrases. After many lesson, I have achieved a 30/40 for compo. I used to fail my compo’s so I thank Miss Yeong for helping me. I wish to attend more fun and enjoyable lessons with Ms Yeong and my classmates.

Cassandra Tan
Writers Studio Student

Ms Yeong’s class is interesting and also easy to follow she notices our mistakes and will always make an effort to teach us and revise the common mistakes that we made. She also lend us bocks that she bought to lend to us to read and improve our vocab and the way how we write. Ever since I join her class, I improved and got AL5.Usually, I got AL6.

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Ms Yeong gives very detailed information of the English words and if you do not know any word you can ask her. Ms Yeong gives examples on how to we the words and describes them.

Ashtan Teo
Writers Studio Student

Dear Writers Studio, 

Thank you for having a very dedicated teacher and makes the class lively. She would do anything to make her students pass with flying colours. In my honest opinion she gives a lot of homework but ifs for us to improve our work.Thank you Ms Yeong!

Writers Studio Student

I joined Writers Studio when I was ten. At first, I was clueless about how to do some of the homework that  studio gave me as I was so weak. I still remember the time when my mother scolded me for not doing my homework. Through these years my teacher at Writers Studio has always been supporting me. This year, teacher/ writers studio has even offered me supplementary lessons so that my grades can be further improve. I am thankful for their guidance for the past two years! This explains why I am back ( and also because I am grateful that they helped me perform so well for my English! I scored higher than my peers who used to do better!

Charis Elee
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Mrs Goh is a caring teacher who is always willing to sacrifice her time in order to help her student improve. Thus English has became one of my favourite subjects. Thank you Mrs Goh!

Writers Studio Student

Dear Mrs Goh, thank you for being with me through this long and tough journey in my life. I know I made you angry at times, but you disciplined me well, and allows me to be where I am today. Your lessons pique my interest in English and your reminders made me a way better person. Thank you for everything your sacrificed for me. O level finish this tough journey together!!

Writers Studio Student

Ms Yeong is a kind and caring teacher. She gives a detailed explanation for every question. She is very firm with students messing in class. We had fun in her class as she gives us quizzes and we get to win prizes. Overall, Ms Yeong is a good and caring teacher with a humorous side.

Xu Lexin
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Mrs Goh is a very responsible teacher, giving my class boosters to improve our English (yet I did no capitalisation) she may chastise us and we all know it is for our own good. Her class is humorous, and though it ends late during the exam preparation period (at no cost to us-haha), we at least get everything done. My oral improved, and I am more confident. My brother, who used to be a student at writers studio, improved too, and ended up getting A star for PSLE. I appreciate the lessons, and I believe my time spent here is not wasted. Thank you for teaching my brother and me. 😀 XOXO

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Mrs Goh is a thoughtful teacher she always holds holiday classes for us to help us further improve in our studies. She think takes the initiative to make a difference in our learning. She also ensures that we are focused in her lessons and explains the answers thoroughly. Generally, I really enjoy her lessons and I strongly encourage everyone to join too.

Jacquelyn Fu, Writers Studio Student

Mrs Goh is a very dedicated teacher and her lessons are always filled with humour. She is a very knowledgeable teacher and she is hardworking. We can always reach out to her for any problems. She is like a teacher and a friend to us. We respect her a lot. 

She has helped me gain a better understanding of the English language. Although she may be strict at times, it is a good motivation for us students to do better. She always frequently share some anecdotes during classes to make the lesson more enjoyable. My writing has greatly improved and I appreciate Mrs Goh for teaching me. 😀 Thank you for existing! Ps: I scored an AL1 (up from AL4!) My mom and I are very grateful. Thanks for all your book research and recommendations and taking my mom’s calls to advise her on how to do better in my English.

Jacquelyn Fu
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Mrs Goh is very passionate in what she does and would always try her best to provide us with as much notes as possible. She also lets us join holiday classes  and I find these extra classes very helpful. Especially her oral holiday classes during the June holidays which helped me greatly in my oral. I will never forget her as she is both a teacher and a friend to her students. I remember how she spent time patiently reaching out to us one by one in class and reviewing our oral performance. Right up to the day before PSLE Oral, Writers Studio sent messages to the parents reminding them of the important tips. Also even though she is pregnant, she still gives us equally as good lesson as before she was pregnant even though it may be very tiring for her. She is a professional teacher and we respect her for being a good mentor.

Petra Tan
Zaviera Wong, Writers Studio Student

Dear Writers Studio, 

Before I joined the tuition class here, I was weak in Continuous Writing my language was weak, and I hardly know much good phrases and vocabulary. I struggle in my writing and almost failed each time. However, when I joined Miss Karen’s lessons, my marks improved by leaps and bounds. I am able to use more good phrases and vocabulary by Mrs Goh’s secret model essays which are useful to me. Her patience to teach and guide me motivated and encouraged me to write on. Thank you, Mrs Goh, for your care and the lessons this year. I’ll never forget your passion to teach us students!

Zaviera Tan
Su Yuh Lin, Writers Studio Student

Mrs Goh is a good teacher. When we are doing vocabulary clozes, she explain it in a detailed way that is easier for us to learn. When doing comprehension, she teaches us techniques to deal with questions. When doing synthesis, she gives us examples and teach us ways to identify which is which. When doing composition, she gives us ideas and good phrases to use in composition with her help, my English improved by a lot. Thank you, Mrs Goh! Thanks for teaching me to be independent and for believing in me. 

Su Yuh Lin
Clare Chia, Writers Studio Student

My teacher at Writers Studio is funny during lessons. She explains difficult vocabulary clearly, which makes it easier to learn and understand. I have improved in my compositions and vocabulary. She is always willing to explain or answer our queries. When I joined, my score was at AL4 but in 6 months, I scored an AL2! 

Clare Chia
Jeanette, Writers Studio Student

Mrs Goh is a very funny teacher, and she always shares her past experiences in school, lifting up the mood. Though she can be strict, we know that she cares for us and wants us to do our best. She often gives us more challenging work to push us even mere she also sets up booster classes when examinations are coming. I am grateful for Mrs Goh’s help and her dedication in teaching us. Thanks for seeing my elder brother and me through our studies. I learnt a lot from you –  that is to be resilient, hardworking and a problem solver. I hope to be as successful as you one day.

Jeanette Low
Chong Jing Ning, Writers Studio Student

Dear Mrs Goh,

Thank you for helping me since P5. My grades have truly improved through her help. She puts in a lot of effort to boost up our grades and also gives us a lot of extra work for improvement!

Jing Ning
5 stars avatar

Thank you Mrs Goh for being such a wonderful, amazing teacher. There is no words to describe you as you are just a very dedicated and creative teacher. (You are also very talented in teaching!) Thank you for giving me extra classes and thanks to you my results improved. Thank you, Writers Studio!

Breindel Lim
Ellie Toh, Writers Studio Student

Mrs Goh has taught me since P4 and she has always given extra worksheet for extra practice, especially this year, to prepare us well for our PSLE. She is not a calculative teacher and I feel that I am in the right tuition centre.

Ashley Tay, Writers Studio Student

Dear Writers Studio,

THANK YOU! Before I joined your centre, I was constantly getting 60 – 70 for my examinations. Thanks to you… I finally got 80! Your classes are super AWESOME and I learnt a lot from them. I will make sure to join your lesson next time. All the teachers in the centre are kind and understanding too! Sometimes I don’t even want to leave after my lessons.

once again…. Thank you!

Ashley Tay
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Dear Writers Studio,

Evan says the writing session today is very good. And the one on Monday helped him to address some of the work that he wasn’t sure about. Appreciate Mr Edmund’s time for this, thanks!

Mrs Low, Evan Low P3

STELLAR Integrated Writing Programme
Bt Timah Primary

Darius, Writers Studio Student

Dear Writers Studio,

Mrs Goh  is an extremely caring (and sometimes strict) teacher that had pushed me all the way beyond my limits and gave me so much encouragement. I came in here with an AL 6  and went to AL 2. I am very happy with her!

Darius Tin
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Dear Miss Karen,

Thank you for your hard work, I appreciate your help haha:) Thank you for improving my English results! I am very grateful to you! 🙂 Sorry for being talkative in class too, haha:) Hope you like the gifts!:) Stay safe and take care!

Schuen Tan PSLE Student

St Anthony’s Primary

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I really like Teacher Serena . She broke down the words by syllabi when teaching the children how to spell a new word that they encounter. I wasn’t there all the time but I heard my child mention colours and I see that she was more willing to attempt to replace some of the words to make the story her own. It wasn’t just some exercise to fervently copy the model essay. Before the teacher let her go, the teacher made her read out the last paragraph she wrote to check my daughter was done with her work. The teacher must have done something right in class because my daughter read the last paragraph expressively, something she doesn’t always do unless she is in the mood. So she finished the lesson today a happy girl.

Rosie, mother of Jermaine, P2

STARBRIGHT programme Nan Chiau Primary

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Dear Teacher Karen,

You are like the bright sun in the sky, brightening up my day.

You are like the diamond in the night sky, shining my path in the darkest times.

If not for you, I would not have gotten such a good score for my PSLE English. Thank you so much!

Frank Mu PSLE | Lower sec


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Dear Writers Studio,

My child only joined your holiday programme for 2 days (out of 5 days). She is so happy in Teacher Stephanie’s class that she kept bugging me to continue her lessons for the next 3 days.

Ms Lyn, parent of Keira Kong P2

Creative Writing Programme Nanyang Primary School

Rachel He Gao Qijun P5 Nanhua Primary GEP

Dear Mrs Goh,

Qijun says that you have taught him many interesting techniques that he can use in his writing. I notice that his writing has improved. He likes the way he starts and ends his compositions and the ideas come more easily to him. Most importantly, I want him to use different techniques to score his writing. Thanks for always giving him such a detailed lesson. The knowledge you shared is original, refreshing and not common!

Rachel He, Gao Qijun P5

Nanhua Primary GEP

Mrs Seah Charlise Seah P3 Raffles Girls Primary

Thanks Miss Stephanie and Teacher Claire for building a strong foundation for Charlize. It’s great that we have a strong partnership all these years. She has a top aggregate for SA1 2022. Yet again her strongest subject. The rest of the subjects slight lowered but I gave her a pat on the shoulders to improve in future. Just one test alone can’t determine much. On a daily basis, they don’t idle much at home, most of the time they will be working on their studies and not sleeping as early like 8 -9 pm Like their peers. ❤️ WS for the resilience and independence you have inculcated in my girl.

Mrs Seah, Charlise Seah P3

Raffles Girls Primary

Charlotte Lee PSLE Peihwa Presbyterian Primary

Dear Writers Studio,

I got a good score of AL6, with English being an AL1. Thank you for coaching me. Although it has only been 1 year, I have improved so much, English is now my best! See you next year too.

Charlotte Lee PSLE

Peihwa Presbyterian Primary

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Dear Writers Studio,

Thanks for putting in a lot of effort to coach my son. You have taken great pride and joy in helping Jiakai. I observe that Jia Kai has been improving. Even though the progress was not significant at first, Jia Kai has now improved so much and also gained more confidence.

Mr Liau, Jia Kai P4

South View Primary

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Dear Mrs Goh,

Thank you for teaching me lots of stuff about English. You have taught me a lot of good phrases. In my SA1 composition, I got 9-10 for both my sentence structure and vocab. My oral also improved. I got the highest possible marks for both reading aloud and stimulus-based conversation. Thank you for putting in so much effort to teach me.

Encouragement quotes I learnt from you:
If you put in the tiniest effort, you will get results.
Never ever give up. Nothing is impossible

If you have no one to encourage you instead of using that as an excuse for failures encourage yourself and use that as a reason why you must succeed!

Kimi Kwek P4

Radin Mas Primary

Mrs Goh Goh Zian PSLE Nanyang Primary

Dear Writers Studio,

Thanks for your commitment in teaching my son. He would not have coped so well in GEP without you.
He has scored an AL1 and enrolling in Raffles Institution. Thanks for training him for the DSA interviews too!

teacher/ writers studio, Goh Zian PSLE

Nanyang Primary

Rosalind Avril Lim PSLE Nanyang Primary

Dear Writers Studio,

I would like to let you know that Avril has done very well in her PSLE. She got AL4 overall, which means AL1 in English! Thank you so much for helping her to do so well. It has been a wonderful 3 years with you teaching Avril. Thanks for teaching all my 3 kids and guiding them towards distinctions without fail.

Rosalind, Avril Lim PSLE

Nanyang Primary

Lim Jia Ying P2 Methodist Girls School

Dear Mrs Goh,

I encourage you to keep teaching me! I like your incentives & teaching. You are fabulous! Thank you very much, you are my favourite person.

Lim Jia Ying, P2

Methodist Girls’ School

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Dear Mrs Goh,

HAPPY TEACHERS DAY! I enjoy your lessons very much! Thank you for teaching me. My English has improved very much. You are funny and passionate about teaching students. (Also you are an amazing teacher!)

Yuna Kim PSLE

Dazhong Primary

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Dear Mrs Goh,

Thank you for teaching me English. At first, I found it difficult to learn English but now I seem to answer the questions easily, thank you. I am surprised you also like digital art. We share something in common!

Joelle Tan PSLE

Marymount Convent School

5 stars avatar

Dear teacher,

Thank you for teaching me with dedication although I never get the top marks you want. Being second best is fine with me too and I am happy! I will be back in Sec One!

Darius Wang PSLE

Princess Elizabeth Primary

5 stars avatar

Dear Mrs Goh,

Thank you for helping me to improve in the English subject and sharing stories with us. You inspire me to write more creatively and infer more deeply in my reading comprehension practices. It has only been less than 6 months but I improved so much. Once again, thank you.

Frederic Lee PSLE

Lianhua Primary

Mrs Kim

Hello Writers Studio,

Joonsu and Yoosu passed in Aeis ! Joonsu was informed 4 weeks ago. He was admitted through DSA.

Yoosu was not succesful with her DSA. But MOE asked us to wait for general public school admission and she was informed today that she passed her AEIS. Your advice and lessons really helped so much. I am so happy both got in.

Thank you immensely, 선생님.

Mrs Kim, Parent of Yoosu and Joonsu twins, PSLE

Singapore-Korean International School

Kaila Anne Thong P5 pending school name

Dear Mrs Goh,

Happy Teacher’s Day! Thank you for helping me improve my English and giving me positive feedback that helps me to be better. Thanks for answering all my messages when I have questions and sending me notes when I need them. You are a wonderful teacher that engages me in lessons. I wish you & your family a good day ahead. Drink more water, get plenty of rest and stay safe!

Ps: “The influence of a good teacher can never be erased”!!

Kaila Anne Thong, P5
5 stars avatar

Dear Mrs Goh,

Thank you for your guidance, for teaching me English, I am entirely grateful to you for your hard work and efforts. You are always looking after me and answer all my questions in class. I notice you keep looking at my answers in class and telling me how to do better. Thank you for being my guide, and my mentor. Happy Teacher’s Day! I hope you enjoy the gift! See you next year.

Law Li Ting, P5

Fairfield Methodist Primary

Phoebe Kwok PSLE

Dear Mrs Goh,

Will you be teaching secondary 1? I want to attend your lesson next year!! I really love you so much.. thanks for company me all the way in P6 although I am still new here…thanks for not giving up with me..Good news my mum let me come to centre to see you in person. I got a present specially for you here!

Phoebe Kwok PSLE

Raffles Girls Primary

Mrs Toh Howard Toh PSLE Pathlight School

Hi Mrs Goh,

I just realised I forgot to update u about Howard’s PSLE result – he achieved a good score for EL. Overall he is eligible for express and hence he is all ready to go SST! Thanks for teaching him since P4!

Mrs Toh, Howard Toh PSLE

Pathlight School

Charis E Lee P5

Dear Mrs Goh,

Thank you for helping me with my English learning. Thank you for giving me remedial lessons, delivering my worksheets at the late hours of the night when I cannot come for physical lessons & giving me small little gifts as encouragement. I hope you will like both the key fob & the tissue pouch. I will do my best for my PSLE. May God bless you & have a blessed week.

Charis E Lee P5

Peihwa Presbyterian Primary

Mrs Chow Natasha Chow PSLE Dazhong Primary

Dear Writers Studio,

I have really appreciate your efforts to help me bring up my marks. My marks have actually improved. I remeber telling you my mom said she has to see at least 80 marks in my English year after year. You have helped me keep my promise and more! I would like to thank you for teaching me since P3. I will join you in Sec 1.

Mrs Chow, Natasha Chow PSLE

Dazhong Primary

Mrs San San Yi Xuan Peihwa Presbyterian Primary Shanghai Singapore International

Hi Mrs Goh,

I just would like to share with you this and also not forget to express my great thanks to you for teaching her gave her a good foundation and progress of learning in her English subject during her every summer break holidays. Thanks for teaching her since P5. She scored 10 IGCSE distinctions including English! See her results!

Mrs San, San Yi Xuan, Peihwa Presbyterian Primary

Shanghai-Singapore International

Dawn Koh

I scored AL1 for English. Thank you, Mrs Goh! Can I redeem some things with my points? Thank you for the gift of love!

Dawn Koh

CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace

Kokone, Writers Studio student

Dear Mrs Goh,

Happy Teacher’s Day! Thank you for your constant encouragement, and thank you for being an amazing English teacher:)

Kokone Takahashi

Sec 2, St Nicholas Girls


Dear Writers Studio,


I love the English quizzes you give every 2 weeks. Thank you for helping me pass the GEP Screening Test! I have gained so much confidence and interest in English. My writing is now getting longer and more meaningful. It is helping me to gain interest in reading more widely too.

Anson Lee, P4 student

Peihwa Presbyterian Pri Sch

Kayley's Parent

Hi Writers Studio,

we are pleased to inform you that Kayley got 1 for English  we are very pleased.

Thank you for your efforts and encouragement over the years!  The sweet treats will arrive at your studio this Friday 1st Oct between 12-4 pm. Thank you for your support and dedication to your students

Mrs Wee, parent of Kayley

St Margaret Primary

5 stars avatar

Thank you very much, Mrs Goh, under your guidance, Roy can get such a good score of 1 point, thank you from the bottom of my heart. We will continue our tuition class with you. Thank you very much for your concern and teaching to Roy Good news today. Roy is posted to HCI.

Thank you very much for teaching and pushing him to get AL1 in English

Mrs Sng, parent of Roy Sng PSLE Student
Mrs Kim

Dear teacher at Writers Studio,

Thank you 선생님 for the last few weeks’ time with you for Joonsu & Yoosu’s study. Deeply appreciate your commitment and dedication to the AEIS classes and for the improvements of my kids. Hope you as well all the health and peace during this heavy time.

Mrs Kim, Mother of twins, Kim Joonsu & Yoosu, AEIS Test Preparation

Singapore-Korean International School

Kaitlin Tan

Dear Writers Studio,


PSLE was hard this year and I’m grateful that my teacher at Writers Studio was there to encourage and advise me whenever I had problems.


I was weak in my writing skills and she went the extra mile to give me extra lessons that were really productive and helpful. She taught me many useful tips and techniques that I could use in my compo exam. I am really grateful to her as I know that her schedule is packed but she still took time out to help me. I managed to achieve an AL 1, with my compo score for prelims being 38/40.


In class, she is very productive and really mentors us. She is no longer a teacher but an educator in many ways. I really improved under her tutelage. Thank you teacher for all your effort!!

Kaitlin Tan PSLE

Henry Park Primary

Caden Foo Family

Thank you for your extra effort & love for Caden! He’s blessed to have you with him.

Thanks for the above kind message of reminder & encouragement to Caden for every exams. Really appreciate what you’ve been doing for the children during the PSLE.

Caden Foo mommy

Dear Writers Studio,


Wonho got PSLE results today. I think he got a good score thanks to you. He is a lucky boy since he met you and he learned from his tutor from Writers Studio. Really thanks.

Mr Jeong, Jeong Wonho PSLE

West Spring Primary School

5 stars avatar

Zane got a very good score for English.. we r happy.. Thanks Mrs Goh and teacher Edmund for the effort!

Ms Jinni & Mr Calvin Gan, parents of Zane Gan

St Patrick’s Primary