Mrs Kim, parent of Writers Studio student

Dear Writers Studio,  


Kids had their AEIS test on Tuesday well. Everything went well. Kids said the test level was similar to the customised AEIS practice papers that they had with you and there were no surprises. For the writing part, creative writing was given and they also were comfortable with it. Thank you so much for all the hard work .Mrs Goh made for this preparation beyond classroom hours. MOE said the result will be given a few days before Christmas. We will share with you as well when we have the results. Please say thanks to Mr Edmund for the writing lessons as well!

Mrs Kim, Parent of Yoosu and Joonsu twins

Singapore-Korean International School

Kaitlin Tan

Dear Writers Studio,


PSLE was hard this year and I’m grateful that my teacher at Writers Studio was there to encourage and advise me whenever I had problems.


I was weak in my writing skills and she went the extra mile to give me extra lessons that were really productive and helpful. She taught me many useful tips and techniques that I could use in my compo exam. I am really grateful to her as I know that her schedule is packed but she still took time out to help me. I managed to achieve an AL 1, with my compo score for prelims being 38/40.


In class, she is very productive and really mentors us. She is no longer a teacher but an educator in many ways. I really improved under her tutelage. Thank you teacher for all your effort!!

Kaitlin Tan PSLE

Henry Park Primary

Caden Foo Family

Thank you for your extra effort & love for Caden! He’s blessed to have you with him.

Thanks for the above kind message of reminder & encouragement to Caden for every exams. Really appreciate what you’ve been doing for the children during the PSLE.

Caden Foo mommy

Dear Writers Studio,


Wonho got PSLE results today. I think he got a good score thanks to you. He is a lucky boy since he met you and he learned from his tutor from Writers Studio. Really thanks.

Mr Jeong, Jeong Wonho PSLE

West Spring Primary School

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Zane got a very good score for English.. we r happy.. Thanks Mrs Goh and teacher Edmund for the effort!

Ms Jinni & Mr Calvin Gan, parents of Zane Gan

St Patrick’s Primary


Dear Writers Studio,


I love the English quizzes you give every 2 weeks. Thank you for helping me pass the GEP Screening Test! I have gained so much confidence and interest in English. My writing is now getting longer and more meaningful. It is helping me to gain interest in reading more widely too.

Anson Lee, P4 student

Peihwa Presbyterian Pri Sch

Kayley's Parent

Hi Writers Studio,

we are pleased to inform you that Kayley got 1 for English  we are very pleased.

Thank you for your efforts and encouragement over the years!  The sweet treats will arrive at your studio this Friday 1st Oct between 12-4 pm. Thank you for your support and dedication to your students

Mrs Wee, parent of Kayley

St Margaret Primary

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Thank you very much, Mrs Goh, under your guidance, Roy can get such a good score of 1 point, thank you from the bottom of my heart. We will continue our tuition class with you. Thank you very much for your concern and teaching to Roy Good news today. Roy is posted to HCI.

Thank you very much for teaching and pushing him to get AL1 in English

Mrs Sng, parent of Roy Sng PSLE Student
Mrs Kim

Dear teacher at Writers Studio,

Thank you 선생님 for the last few weeks’ time with you for Joonsu & Yoosu’s study. Deeply appreciate your commitment and dedication to the AEIS classes and for the improvements of my kids. Hope you as well all the health and peace during this heavy time.

Mrs Kim, Mother of twins, Kim Joonsu & Yoosu, AEIS Test Preparation

Singapore-Korean International School