Fringe Events

Fringe Events

Bonding kids of the digital age through our events to promote the love of English

Halloween Festival at Writers Studio

In the enchanting month of October, Writers Studio students
were treated to a spellbinding array of activities, from spine-tingling
storytelling sessions to brain-teasing anagram challenges, exhilarating team
games, and mesmerizing magic tricks under the expert guidance of our dedicated
and creative teachers.

Anagram challenges provided a platform for students to
reinforce proper spelling patterns, while interactive Guesswork games
encouraged them to explore intricate word relationships. The art of
storytelling was celebrated, highlighting how this age-old tradition not only
entertains but also enriches English language skills, improving listening
comprehension and enhancing critical analysis.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of these events, multiple
re-runs were organized, ensuring everyone had the chance to immerse themselves
in the Halloween festivities. As a reward for their English prowess, Halloween
treats were generously distributed to the winners, adding an extra sprinkle of
delight to the spooky celebrations.

Children’s Day Spin-the-Wheel

On this Children’s Day, all our students were in for a delightful surprise. In addition to receiving a personalised box of practical gifts, they had the chance to spin the wheel. Every child was entitled to redeem a prize, adding to the excitement. Our aim was to honour Children’s Day, celebrating the power of positive encouragement on the young minds. This special day serves as a reminder to recognise and appreciate children’s well-being, underlining the importance of respecting each child as a distinct and valuable individual.

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations

mid autumn festival

Many perceive the mid-autumn festival as a moment for families to strengthen their bonds. However, at the Writers Studio, we go beyond internal staff celebrations and extend the joy to our students. We offer our students a unique opportunity to delve into this age-old tradition, allowing them to appreciate and preserve our cultural heritage. Students actively engage in quizzes, trivia, and explore educational exhibits at the Galaxy Library, making this festive season an enriching experience for them.

Flash Fiction Competition

Flash Fiction Competition

Between May and July this year, we were impressed as we went through the submissions made by children from Writers Studio and those from the public. Many children joined the Flash Fiction competition that was held and they unleash much creativity.

Writers Studio’s Flash Fiction competition saw more than a hundred young writers aged 6-12 taking part. Students showcased their storytelling talents, won incentive rewards, and competed for attractive cash prizes in the Flash Fiction Finals in June. All participants redeemed tickets to take part in a FREE Flash Fiction workshop at the Galaxy Library.

The results of the both the Qualifier Round and the Finals are available.

Writers Studio English Festival 2023

Writers Studio celebrated our WS ENGLISH Fest – a sizzling summer celebration of creativity running from May to July. Children from Writers Studio and the public were in for an enriching quarter of English programmes that were very different from the usual enrichment programmes that they are used to! All participating children explored the realms of fiction, challenged themselves with quizzes, twisted their tongues with tantalizing tongue twisters, and unleashed their inner artist with book cover art projects! As part of this literary extravaganza, we introduced a Flash Fiction Competition for students aged 6-12 years. We invited young writers to craft short, captivating stories that showcased their writing skills during the exciting contest. We are happy that so many children joined us for three months of unbridled imagination and fun.

Storytelling Sessions

Do you know why our students love to linger in our enrichment centre after their lessons? Even parents love to use our Galaxy library. The good news is : All our students are automatically members of our futuristic library with a galaxy theme. If you are keen to enrol with us, you’ll also be entitled to enjoy free storytelling events.

Our storytelling events are very popular among children. Sit anywhere in the themed section of our library and watch our storyteller articulate and even act out scenes from popular fiction. Students get to learn creative phrases and vocabulary during the storytelling session. What’s even more wonderful is that you will get free souvenirs related to the stories at the end of each session.

Come join us as we bring you into an imaginary world of creative fiction. In June this year, children enjoyed the plot twist towards the end of the story of The Shopkeeper and The Witch by Thomas Baldwin. They also had so much fun participating in the quiz and won awesome prizes.

Book Cover Art Contest

In May this year, students from Writers Studio and the public joined us on an artistic journey as they brought book covers to live by creating their desired artistic rendition of popular book titles.

An illustrator creates content to visually interact with an audience. An illustrated book cover design conveys the message of writing. We noticed that many of our students enjoy reading physical books. So, we created a contest just because we want all young book lovers to depict their favourite stories through art. We saw how much fun the children had when they brought their own colouring and painting materials to have sheer fun.

Creative Writing Competitions

Writers Studio students and members of the public can look out for writing competitions that we organise annually. Our writing competitions see two phases – the qualifiers and the finals – so that we can pick the best writers. Both the judging criteria and judging process are strict, which means that only students with original ideas and independent work will receive the credit they deserve. Showcase your child’s storytelling talents, win WS dollars, and compete for attractive cash prizes in our competitions. Students who sign up shall also automatically be entitled to one free writing workshop. Stay tuned for the next creative writing competition!

Idioms Charade

The idioms charade is a chance for your child to demonstrate the saying, ‘Actions speak louder than words’. Our popular idioms charade allows children to have a whale of a time as they let down their hair and break some ice! Our last idioms charade was held successfully in June. Look out for the next exhilarating and amusing charade where your child will get to test if they really know your idioms! Join other children as they dramatise and depict the idioms in a fun-filled manner. See you at WS Galaxy Library.

Tongue Twister Competition

Give your child a challenge by improving his or her speaking skills with tongue twisters. It does not matter if your child is a novice or an expert. Whether your child is merely coming to flaunt his or her skills or to get some quick practice for the oral reading exams, we are happy to welcome them! Did you know that practising tongue twisters help in improving pronunciation and speaking skills? Practising tongue twisters is not only helpful but is also a whole load of fun! Writers Studio’s inaugural tongue twisters competition was held in June this year. Stay tuned for the next set of tongue twister challenges that will be held at our Galaxy Library.

Crafting Sessions

p5, p6 students and teacher

Keep a lookout for terrarium building activities to remove the writer’s block. With an experienced trainer, you get to learn how to create an imaginary mini world all staged within a pretty glass sphere. Families are welcome to participate. The trainer takes your mind into the fantasy worlds that our founder has metaphorised. It includes magical places under the sea and fairytale settings. Perfect for anyone who loves to blend writing with art.