Fringe Events

Fringe Events

Bonding kids of the digital age through our events to promote the love of English

Writers Studio English Festival 2023

flash fiction schedule

Writers Studio is excited to announce our WS ENGLISH Fest – a sizzling summer celebration of creativity running from May to July! Prepare to explore the realms of fiction, challenge yourself with quizzes, twist your tongue with tantalizing tongue twisters, and unleash your inner artist with art projects! As part of this literary extravaganza, we are thrilled to introduce the Flash Fiction Competition for students aged 6-12 years. This exciting contest invites young writers to craft short, captivating stories that showcase their writing skills. To register for the Flash Fiction Competition, please fill out the registration form. Hurry, the deadline for registration is May 26th! Don’t miss out on this sizzling summer party! Join us for two months of unbridled imagination and fun!

Storytelling Sessions

p5, p6 students and teacher

Join the library as a member to enjoy storytelling events. Our storytelling events are very popular among children. Sit anywhere in the library and enjoy watching the storyteller articulate and even act out scenes from popular fiction and new titles. Our library’s event space will come to live with amazing decorations. Students get to learn creative phrases and vocabulary during the storytelling session. It’s also wonderful to get free souvenirs at the end of each session – related to the stories.

On 3 June (1030 am), join us as we bring you into an imaginary world of creative fiction. This month, enjoy the plot twist towards the end of the story of The Shopkeeper and The Witch by Thomas Baldwin. Participate in the quiz and win prizes!

Book Cover Art Contest

On 20 May (10 am), join us on an artistic journey as we bring book covers to live by creating our desired artistic rendition of popular book titles.
An illustrator creates content to visually interact with an audience. An illustrated book cover design conveys the message of writing. A picture paints a thousand words, so you’ll get to learn how to depict a story through art. Bring along your own colouring or painting materials and have fun. You’ll never know – you may be the BIG winner of this unique contest!

Flash Fiction Competition (On-site)

Unleash Your Creativity by joining the Writers Studio Flash Fiction Competition! Calling all young writers aged 6-12! Join us for the Writers Studio Flash Fiction Competition. The Qualifier Round is held on 27th May (1 pm) at our Galaxy Library. Showcase your storytelling talents, win WS dollars, and compete for attractive cash prizes in the Flash Fiction Finals on 24 June (1 pm). All participants are entitled to take part in a FREE Flash Fiction workshop on 20 May at 1110 am at Galaxy Library.

(If you are unable to attend the qualifiers, you may also drop by Writers Studio during office hours from 28th May to 10th June to write on-site under the care of an invigilator.)

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Idioms Charade

In a nutshell, the idioms charade is a chance for your to demonstrate that actions speak louder than words. Let’s have a whale of a time as we let down our hair and break some ice! It’s time to take part in an exhilarating and amusing charade competition where you’ll get to test if you really know your idioms! Held on 10 June (11am), join other children as they dramatise and depict the idioms in a fun-filled charade game. See you at WS Galaxy Library!

Tongue Twister Competition

Give yourself a challenge by and improving your speaking skills with tongue twisters. It does not matter if you are a novice or an expert. Whether you are merely coming to flaunt your skills or to get some quick practice for your oral reading exams, we welcome you. Did you know that practising tongue twisters help in improving pronunciation and speaking skills? Practising tongue twisters is not only helpful but is also a whole load of fun! Writers Studio’s inaugural tongue twisters competition is held on 17 June (1 pm).

Crafting Sessions

p5, p6 students and teacher

Enjoy terrarium building activities to remove the writer’s block. With an experienced trainer, you get to learn how to create an imaginary mini world all staged within a pretty glass sphere. Families are welcome to participate. The trainer takes your mind into the fantasy worlds that our founder has metaphorised. It includes magical places under the sea and fairytale settings. Perfect for anyone who loves to blend writing with art.