About the Course


STARDREAM Integrated Creative Writing (ICW) encompasses the English curriculum for secondary students on track for O-level, IP, and IB streams. As the second leg of the STELLAR  journey, STARDREAM continues to broaden and deepen students’ understanding of the language and build stronger proficiencies to prepare them for college.


it’s time to address the gaps in your writing and improve your English grade. Achieve language proficiency and hone your skills in Discursive Writing, Expository Writing, Reading comprehension, and Oral Communication. Unravel how to Score in Situational Writing, personal Recount, and Descriptive Essays throughout the course.


Course highlights:

  • Understand the Requirements of Visual Text
  • Tactical Approach to Answering Summary Questions
  • Exhaustive strategies at acing Grammar-Editing
  • Conquer Narrative & Non-narrative Comprehension
  • Acquire Reading Techniques for Interpreting Author’s Styles
  • Writing discursive, argumentative and expository essays


Join our all-in-one STARDREAM creative writing programme today and create a lasting impact on your future. A good English score can help make a difference. Enroll in your ideal polytechnics and colleges. #SuccessThroughLiteracy

Score in Secondary and O-Level English


We have everything you need to ace your exams. From frequent writing practices to a strong focus on skill-based learning, our students become well-versed in tackling key exam questions and components.


  • Paper 1 (Writing)
  • Paper 2 (Comprehension)
  • Paper 4 (Oral Communication)


Ensure that your child can handle the increasingly complex content and tasks throughout secondary school.

Flexible Lesson Package


We understand that in secondary school, your child may be busier and have CCA or other commitments that require more replacement lessons here. Just for upper Secondary STARDREAM students, we offer the option of a flexible credit system, where your child can work the lesson frequency around his or her schedule to a certain extent.


Chat with us to find out more!

Discover Reasons for Underachievement


  • Allow us to evaluate your exam papers.
  • Find out how to prioritise what to fix.
  • We provide advice on how to optimise your time to work towards the score you need.
  • Speak to our teachers to find out what you will learn in class and how the lessons can be catered to your learning needs.


For rescue cases, we have seen miracles unfold in the very last year towards the graduation exams. It takes two hands to clap: your unwavering efforts & close guidance from the teacher. Let’s reach for your dreams together.

Achieve Success Through Literacy


Students are also exposed to a wide range of media sources throughout the course— an essential skill in the digital age.


STARDREAM enables our students to grow and become learned individuals who are able to thrive in the 21st century.


Create an impact that lasts with Writers Studio.

We expand your Reading and help you Write with greater substance! Here’s why:


You can achieve good English results in secondary school only if you engage in thinking, reading, and writing critically in the subject diligently. Perhaps the most straightforward and simplest way to develop these vital skills is to incorporate reading into your daily schedule but how many secondary school students have time for that?


Our Secondary School STARDREAM course offsets this gap by planning the themes you need to learn and exposing you regularly to a broad spectrum of texts that you’ll need. Ultimately, we will help you learn how to quickly formulate arguments made from inferences and analyses drawn from the sources provided to you. Scoring well in secondary school requires a whole new learning strategy.

When are classes held?

Send us an enquiry to ask about our schedule.

Where are classes held?

Writers Studio


Onsite classes are held at our centre. Find us at #03-06 Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177.


Our themed classrooms are painted in soothing, pastel colours that create a learning environment where creativity can flourish! Every classroom is unique and caters to students of different ages and personalities.


We are also currently offering online English tuition classes.

Why join the STARDREAM ICW Course?

We empower our students to become active thinkers and effective communicators, who are cross-culturally sensitive and aware of contemporary events around the world

Communicate Well

Write to get your point across. Being able to communicate effectively is an essential skill that everyone needs in life.

Cross-cultural Awareness

Our curriculum is regularly updated with relevant real-world content across the globe.

Read Widely

Upon enrolment, all students become members of our Imaginarium Club, which gives access to our WS library. Perfect for budding readers!

Interested in enroling in our specialised English writing class? Registration is currently open for 2023. To register, talk to us at 91224880 or send us an enquiry through our contact page. Before you go, feel free to check our learning resources.