About the Course

PSLE represents a singular opportunity – a chance for students to excel and secure placement in their desired schools. With just one shot at success, selecting the right oral programme for the final lap becomes imperative. Given that the English and Chinese oral components carry significant weight in overall grades, it’s essential to alleviate any mounting anxiety.

Enter the Gemini Bilingual PSLE Oral Brilliance Programme, meticulously pioneered this year to guide your child through the PSLE Oral journey until the Prelims. Developed by curriculum experts from two reputable PSLE tuition centres, our bilingual oral programme at Writers Studio and Littles Learning offers extensive practice on challenging topics. Drawing from invaluable experience with MOE oral examinations, we ensure thorough preparation for both English and Chinese oral assessments – geared for improved scores so long as your child cooperates.

Writers Studio School of English and Littles Learning Centre will both guide your child through a comprehensive 10-lesson course, with 2 hours dedicated to both English and Chinese Oral components. From 9 April to 5 July, our 10-lesson course is tailored to give your child a well-paced and effective PSLE Oral preparation schedule. Your child is only required to attend these lessons in the essential weeks to avoid coinciding with other exam subjects and components.

Here’s why you should sign up now!

Emphasis on Difficult Components: Enhanced practices for Stimulus-based Conversations and Video Conversations for English and Chinese PSLE Oral

Very limited slots: We have given priority to in-house students.

Seize the 25% Advantage: The PSLE Chinese Oral holds a staggering 25% weightage of the total score! These precious marks could easily make the difference between an AL1 or AL2.

Crafted for Success: The PSLE English and Chinese oral examination have different criteria for success.  Our experienced teachers identify and address these criterions, adopting a precise skill-based approach tailored to the unique success criteria of each language.

Mock Your Way to Bilingual Brilliance: Simulated mock exams with grading and and in-house techniques in this programme help all students adhere to stringent performance expectations while passive students are set to score without letting their reticence deter them. We cultivate confidence and equip all students with skills needed to perform.

Whether your child is naturally vocal or reserved, our committed guidance will ensure they not only meet but exceed performance expectations. All trainings will be given plenty of care and attention to detail. We will keep you closely informed of your child’s progress. Parent-teacher meetings will be held in June so you can approach our teachers for any timely intervention to ensure PSLE success.

Pin-point precision: Benefit from the latest trends, topics, questions spotted by curriculum designers and ex-MOE oral examiners. Expose your child to the conversations that ensures readiness for the big day. Since our inception, we have accurately spotted PSLE oral questions every year without fail. Knowing that Stimulus-based Conversations are hard to score, we focus mainly on this component.

Learning Outcomes:

Students learn about the criteria for PSLE success
Strategise to answer with elaboration
Give creative and impactful examples
Learn useful shortcuts to answering with depth
Avoid losing marks due to lack of signposting
Gain confidence and exude positive body language
Enhance vocabulary with topical jargons

Lesson structure

Emphasis on Stimulus-based conversation (English)

Category A: Explore situations rooted in current
Category B: Express personal experiences and

Emphasis on Video Conversations (Chinese)

Spot the focal point or theme of the video
Consider moral issues involved
Acquire versatile phrases and idioms
Memorise and present in sequence
Present with coherence and organisation

Materials provided

Relevant and extensive for topics and subtopics

Structured for real exam scenarios

Driven for performance
 by experienced teachers

Guidance on integrating creative and impactful phrases into responses

Marks Rescue Intervention

Targeted at critical elements
Grading and feedback given every lesson
Tight Parent-Teacher feedback loop
Revising weak areas and fixing them weekly

Course Schedule:

The programme for Gemini PSLE Bilingual Oral runs with 2 options for the course schedule, depending on what you child would like to focus on.

Option 1 Schedule helps target students who need critical rescue by the Mid-year exams:

9 April to 5 July
Tuesdays 5 to 7 pm
Fridays 3 to 5 pm

Option 2 Schedule helps students with the final push towards acing their PSLE:

8 June to 10 August
Sat 1 to 3 pm

Gemini Oral classes are held once weekly across ten weeks. A detailed schedule is available upon enrolment. There are weeks where no lessons are held, to allow your child to focus on other subjects and the written exams. Class slots are limited as they are only held in small groups. Gemini Oral is only available for P6 students. Announcements for P5 classes will be made soon.

Where are classes held?

Writers Studio

In our vibrant studio classrooms, PSLE Students can learn in a dynamic space. We believe that the oral process requires active thinking. We use multimedia to help each and every writer acquire knowledge, ranging from ideation to confidence building and time management! A stage is also included on days when the presentations require more audience. Classrooms also cater to oral exam simulations so your PSLE child can be mentally prepared.

How do you know that GEMINI ORAL is for you?

This course is for children who find that oral is a daunting component where they have to think on their feet.  Throughout the course, students will be practising across multiple topics and encouraged to engage with the teachers. They learn to gain courage and know that it is okay to try.

GEMINI is perfect for:

The Curious

Learn to streamline what you want to say! Find different ways of being focused during your oral presentations.

The Courageous

You might be too chatty, too vocal. Learn to work around a presentation structure that is more organised.
Elaborate and give examples where it matters!

The Passive

Can’t wait to step out of your comfort but don’t know how? Learn more about how to recall points at your fingertips! Be able to say anything.

Interested in enrolling in our specialised English PSLE Oral class? Registration is currently open for 2024. To register, talk to us at 91224880 or send us an enquiry through our contact page. Limited slots!

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Our enrichment centre have been creating PSLE oral boosters to train English students in Singapore for more than ten years (not counting the years of experience as private PSLE educators). Our teachers are equipped with first-hand knowledge of the PSLE, and among them, official ex-MOE examiners. We have taught thousands of students and guided them to improve in their oral skills, including those who scored full marks. Our oral lessons are high impact, with intensive hands-on and constructive feedback.