Writers Studio was established by Mrs Goh who graduated from a renowned university in the United Kingdom with a Master Degree in Creative Writing. She has been teaching English language for 22 years. Previously, she worked as a Head of Department in the Ministry of Education and was a nominee for Outstanding Youth in Education Award. She was also given special mention by the Director General of Education, Miss Seah Jiak Choo as a role model for teachers in Singapore for her dedication and professionalism in a Teacher’s Day address. She was awarded The Caring Teacher Award for three consecutive years. She also gained recognition through a Best Teacher Award.


Outside of her time at Writers Studio, she writes professionally on topics related to education for various notable publications. She also volunteers with her team to teach writing at charity events, is an alumni member of MINDS and has partnered with the National Book Council, OBW Singapore, BABES, The Chatty Caterpillar and many other charity organisations. She is an integral sponsor of Craftpreneurs of SG, a social enterprise that raises funds for the needy and the elderly in Singapore.


She has published two books, Read it Right and Unlock Your Potential to Write More Vividly for PSLE students.

Our Dedicated Teachers

Mrs Goh used to teach alone, but over time, she has selected a professional pool; of teachers to help students progress in the language. She is stringent in her teacher selection. She teaches with a a group of dedicated teachers who were mostly former MOE teachers. They share her philosophy in education and have to undertake training to identify with her teaching quality so that her students will yield the most benefit. Each teacher applies a unique set of teaching style which Mrs Goh has permitted to ensure that we cater to students of diverse learning needs.

Carean Oh Carean Oh with a student
Mrs Goh

Founder | Educational Consultant Writing & Oracy Specialist | Literature Teacher

Teacher Karen Teacher Karen with a student
Teacher Karen

Senior Teacher | Creative Writing Specialist PSLE | Lower Secondary

Teacher Diana Teacher Diana with a student
Teacher Diana

Senior Teacher of Language Arts IP | IB | Writing & Literature Specialist

Teacher Francis Teacher Francis teaching
Teacher Francis

Senior Teacher | Curriculum Developer PSLE | O-Levels | Oracy & Reading Specialist

Teacher Edmund Teacher Edmund
Teacher Edmund

Senior Teacher Upper Pri | PSLE | O-Level | IP Curriculum Developer | Poetry & Writing Specialist

Teacher Joseph Teacher Joseph
Teacher Joseph

Teacher Upper Pri | PSLE | O-Level Oracy & Public Speaking Specialist

Teacher Peter Teacher Peter
Teacher Peter

Teacher | Curriculum Developer PSLE | Lower Secondary Teacher

Teacher Maszlan Teacher Maszlan
Teacher Maszlan

Teacher | Lower – Middle Pri Oracy & Public Speaking Teacher

Teacher Junaith Teacher Junaith and Francis in front of Writers Studio
Teacher Junaith

Teacher | Lower – Middle Pri

Teacher Serena Teacher Serena with Writers Studio students
Teacher Serena

Teacher | Kindergarten – Lower Pri Creative Writing & Public Speaking Teacher

Teacher Claire Teacher Claire with Writers Studio students
Teacher Claire

Teacher | Kindergarten to Upper Pri Creative Writing & Public Speaking Teacher

Teacher stephanie Teacher Stephanie teaching two boys
Teacher Stephanie

Teacher | Creative Writing | Lower Pri

teacher ryan teacher ryan
Teacher Ryan

Teacher | Creative Writing & Expository Essays | Oral

Teacher Clement Teacher Clement
Teacher Clement

Creative Writing Teacher | Literature Specialist

Teacher Irene Lawrence

Lower to Middle Primary English | Creative Writing


💻A Word from the Founder


Before you can pen a great piece of creative writing, you have to master the mechanics: from the fundamentals of grammar and style, to how to create a compelling story arc. Before you can relay your setting to the reader, you have to imagine where and when your character is in the story. That requires teaching. Mentoring, on the other hand, focuses more on applying knowledge in practice. Not just how to do something, but why it’s useful. We know our kids live in the digital era. They are now more informed, more discerning. It is no longer about rote learning. There is plenty of work to be done : explaining the rationale of techniques, teaching the student how to make informed choices and also stimulating creativity. Creativity and stronger language proficiencies are now needed in the PSLE, the O-levels, the IP and the IB. Even kindergarten kids are engaged in critical thinking as they read. Literal questions are now increasingly replaced by inferential ones.


It is important for me to work with a a group of dedicated teachers who share my philosophy in Education. Writers Studio’s teaching team undergo an apprenticeship programme. For those who meet requirements, they have been teaching in the centre for years. All teachers have to be qualified with a degree in English Language and/ or Literature. They need to yield strong records in achieving results and/ or significant progress with their students. It is also true that our long term clients appreciate our high standards and it attests to the fact that we only want the best for our students. Our students are tenacious, ambitious and independent thinkers and I am proud of them.