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Every child has a dream.

Without a strong command of English,
they cannot unlock their full potential.
Our teachers help every child achieve this
through dedication and resilience.

Be a star in your own way. Join our Galaxy.


Integrated Creative Writing

In this course, we will provide intensive guidance on creative writing,exposing students to a variety of themes that range from moral values todeeper, darker themes of secrets and remorse. Have a meaningful session exploring various story starters and elements which deepens your senseof creative writing. Be guided by our consultants who are trainedto teach creative writing at varied paces.


Vocabulary Expressions

A strong repertoire of vocabulary will make one appear more professional and competent in every aspect of life. Through this course, students will be ableto use the right words to express themselves proficiently. They will also have fun in creating an interesting story line that is enhanced by using appropriate and interesting language devices. Having broaden their vocabulary, students will naturally be able to comprehend complex stories and articles, easing their ability to excel in reading comprehension in higher education.


Critical Reading

Now that students are concurrently expanding their vocabulary, they can communicate with others confidently by engaging the right form of words. This course empowers students with reading and comprehension skills so they will be able to decipher complex articles. We expose students to a broad range of reading genre through speech, articles and audio devices. Over the course, the students will start to employ new story ideas and concepts through the reading programme, where their writing will be enhanced with creativity and literary finesse.



Competency in Sentence Construction

In the local context, many native Singaporeans are limited in alternating between sentence structures both verbally and in writing. Such skills are best cultivated from a young age. The knowledge of conveying one's ideas cogently in passive and active voices, as well as synthesising statements skilfully through conjunctions, is important. Our language programme introduces and reinforces such vital skills that every child can develop over the course of the months spentin the studio. Their alma mater have benefited much and have a differentiated advantage from their peers who lack such foundation. These skills are highly important for crafting complex persuasive writing pieces in college and at work.

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Our Story

Ethos & Philosophy 

 Due to the stringent expectations of their clients, the team have developed the most effective teaching programmes to transform language competencies in their students.



For students who come to us as a lifeline for the school examinations, the ultimate intention of attending our lessons is to do away with tuition itself. In doing so, we have proudly produced graduates who are confident in the language.  They have not only acquired distinctions in the language  at school, but  have also forged their own writing styles with a creative and original slant. A handful of graduates even progressed to  produce their own books.  


Our Mission


Provide quality English language instruction that elevates the writing and speaking skills of our students and allows them to pursue their academic and professional goals with a competitive advantage.


Our Vision


To become one of the most reliable and sincere English Enrichment  Centres by setting standards of excellence in curriculum design, teaching and learning quality.


To provide responsible teachers who are more committed to your learning than their welfare. 




Today, our pioneer batch of students are  attending the best colleges in the world. As the cohort expands, we continue to teach with the same level of commitment to every student who  places their trust in our teaching. 


The teachers continue to guide every keen English learner  in the hope that they will be empowered to become confident and independent users of the language. We believe in meticulous teaching, clear and in-depth explanations, as well as regular communication with students and their parents. 

 After all, learning a language is a journey. It involves  seamless collaboration with both students and parents. As we groom batch after batch of excellent graduates, we only hope that every student who graduates from our programme brings home the wonderful news that  they have benefited from the lessons and impress  their teachers and peers with finesse in the language.


Carean Oh

Principal Consultant

Teacher Carean has been working closely with parents and students to deliver the best results. She believes in developing a unique language mastery pathway for each student. Every student who steps into the studio is carefully assessed in the hope of  identifying their strengths and weaknesses in the language. She has been actively involved in the development of English language resources and lessons since the studio’s inception.


Students know her best for her unwavering passion in teaching. Her very first batch of students reverently maintains close contact with her. In fact, the design of the Studio headquarter's original entrance was a tribute by her best student, Angela Low, who presented a medieval themed concept. In the studio, Carean's presence is an inspiration to both teachers and students. Her favourite quotation by John W. Gardner is, 'Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.' In creating the perfect environment for her students and teachers, she  believes that the studio should adopt a strong culture of learning. She works very closely with her team, students and their parents who respect her dedication.


Carean believes that every child has  the potential to master the language when placed under the care of good teachers. She also ensures her Primary Six students secure a good outcome in their DSA applications by guiding students in their personal statements and interviews.



Carean was awarded the Caring Teacher  Award for three consecutive years by the Ministry of Education. She was accorded the Outstanding Teacher Award ( cluster-based) presented by Mr Yeo Cheow Tong, Member of Parliament. She was also a Nominee for the President's Award for Teachers ( nation-based). In addition, she is also proud to have a Special Mention by the Director-General of Education in the Teacher's Day Speech for her dedication and commitment to her students. She was a finalist for the Outstanding Youth in Education Award. These attest to her level of commitment in the field of Education.


Due to her strong sense of commitment and integrity, she was given a significant  role as Head of Department in the schools that she  has taught in . Such roles included opportunities to run school-wide campaigns, charity events and competitions on a large scale. She was invited  to New York for further training in pedagogy.


In school, she was a qualified Speech and Drama specialist, having spearheaded numerous performances and literary projects with students.  Her qualification in teaching students with Higher Abilities provided the opportunity to devise Gifted Education Screening Tests. She  was also appointed Coordinator of Cluster-Based Research workshops in collaboration with the National Institute of Education.


Being IT savvy, she designed the school's Information and Communications Technology learning platform. Her radical approach to engaging both teachers and students in leveraging ICT in the classrooms was showcased in the MOE Excel Fest.. Today, her legacy lives on through the inspiring platform she created.  She was a Learning Design Consultant and played an active role as a consultant for the development of Science & English language learnware for primary and secondary schools.


Across the Globe

The founder also has close ties with her Korean clients. Having taught in Korea for a period of time, she is well-versed with the language barriers her Korean students face. She is patient and determined, encouraging yet assertive with her Korean students. Many of whom have even secured places in the top classes and top schools including Methodist Girls Secondary, Raffles Girls School, NUS High, National Junior College, River Valley High, Nanhua High and SOTA. She also grooms students from prestigious international schools including the Singapore American School and the Canadian International School. She enjoys teaching her students and even attends Korean lessons to provide better explanations for her foreign students. Today, she has also won the admiration of a growing number of Chinese students who value her fine mastery in language teaching.


Community Outreach 

On the community front, Carean teaches literature at TTKGS events with her teachers, National Book Council, OBW Singapore, BABES and many other charity  organisations. Her students are excited to visit her fourth library that provides a diverse collection of books at no extra cost. She writes for many education magazines and  finds opportunities for her students to showcase their writing talents too.

Carean has a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing & Literature  from a  renowned university in the United Kingdom, under the tutelage of a prolific British novelist.