Our Philosophy

Our teachers create a heart-based environment where students feel comfortable expressing themselves and building authentic connections with their teachers. This empowers students to become self-directed learners to ensure success within and beyond the classroom.



Achieve Success through Literacy

Identify the right language learning pathway

Photo of a student, holding a pen
Learning Pathway 1

To The Lighthouse

This training pace is suitable for children with weaker foundations but has good potential in attaining language goals over a longer time frame.

Photo of a student, smiling, holding a book
Learning Pathway 2

Navigate & Improve

Students with mid-abilities overcome roadblocks to success, improving by unlearning and reconditioning. New techniques are learnt. Meticulous attitudes are cultivated. Learn to take ownership of learning.

Photo of a kid, thinking, holding a pen, head resting on his left arm
Learning Pathway 3

To The Pinnacle

Students with high-abilities are exposed to deeper concepts and exposed to complex exercises. Skills are stretched to the limit as they acquire eloquence in speaking, reading and writing.

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