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  • Twinkle Stars English Preppers for K2

    Vocabulary and Spelling
    Reading and Comprehension
    Sentence Construction

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  • Stellar Integrated Writing Course

    In a modern society marked by astounding progress in new media, the progressive student must be able to think on his/her feet, and to write and communicate effectively. Not only must he/she be able to persuade readers quickly (by skilfully formulating sentences while at the same time conforming to grammatical rules), he/she must be able to grapple with a wide variety of texts , to synthesize well and to create new content in the written form.

    We make our students active thinkers and effective communicators, aware of contemporary events around the world and cross-culturally sensitive.

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    2 Hours

  • Stardream Integrated Writing Course

    If English mastery is the bane of your life, enrol in our Stardream English Mastery Course now! Designed to help secondary level learners ace their O-level English, the students will learn to read to synthesize, write to summarize, and tackle visual texts. Writing and all its multifarious forms will no longer be feared but conquered. We will unlock secrets to eclipse your hand, pen and mind like planets coming into galactic alignment. 

    Catapult your writing skills to new heights with current affairs integration, an enlarged vocabulary pool and sharp awareness of contexts. Skilfully rectify grammar errors as they occur. Benefit from deep reflections culminating in opinion formation and position-taking in arguments.

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    8 Hours

  • Starbright Writing Course

    The Starbright Writing (Foundational) course is an important building block of creative writing. We build our students’ learner's mastery of foundational concepts. Through an upward spiral approach to learning, students discover an assortment of themes that unfolds from term to term. They start with clichéd language expressions, attain competence and then evolve into using more sophisticated forms of expressions that are non-clichéd. Students ascend further by learning to use language devices appropriate for every academic level.

    We empower our students to demonstrate foundational concepts of creative writing. They can work effectively within an assortment of themes and are adept at using language devices.

    The Starbright Writing (Advanced) course is a creative writing programme that dovetails the foundational course. It spotlights building authenticity in thought forms, cutting new paths and avoiding clichés. Students learn a plethora of ways to describe events, people, actions, and emotions. They learn to do this by mobilizing their sensory apparatus and converting observations to useful narrative artefacts. Our students also learn to use dialogue spruce up a plot and to make proper choices of introductions and conclusions. We give our students continuous and context-sensitive feedback as we impart advanced writing techniques for their regular composition writing. Starbright writers never work in a vacuum but interact with and are influenced by our teacher-writers.  

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    56 Hours

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