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STELLAR Integrated Creative Writing is a course and more.


STELLAR originates from a very early programme developed in 2010 with a group of students who went on to obtain distinctions in their PSLE. Yes, 100% of the students in that year received top grades for their English after a year of exposure to the programme that was in its infancy then.


Today, STELLAR is still a programme that is original and unique in its own way. This is because it is developed with parents and students who work along with our curriculum team to persist on the best way to obtain great results at the PSLE: collaborations, reviews and plenty of time put in the study the trends.


Our STELLAR teachers do not just believe in the teaching of creative writing, but that to become good student writers, we need to learn how to do well in our grammar, sentence expressions, spelling, reading and vocabulary. Holistic learning would also mean that we need to be expressive. Because to write better would also mean to be able to speak our thoughts, our oral lessons encourage critical thinking and elicit that bold streak in you – to present and to voice out.


STELLAR has 4 pillars of emphasis – Writing, Paper 2, Oral and Listening. STELLAR Integrated compacts English lessons into examinable themes that will prepare students for the PSLE English paper. It also includes intensive oral training in the second and third calendar terms.


Acquire skills in Situational Writing, Creative Writing and Oral. Oral training begins at Primary 1 and 2, with Pick-and-Tell and Show-and-Tell sessions. STELLAR prepares your child holistically as our lessons cover both written and spoken language skills.

Writers Studio Student
  • At the lower primary (Pri 1 to 2) level, we emphasise building English fundamentals in Creative Writing, Paper 2, Oral and Listening.


  • In middle primary (Pri 3 to 4) we familiarise students with critical and organised thinking as they start to encounter English at a higher level for the 4 critical components including Creative Writing and Oral.


  • Upper primary (Pri 5 to 6) is where we focus on tackling techniques and strategies to ace PSLE English—from Writing to Paper 2, and even the Oral and listening exam segment.



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Score in Primary and PSLE English

In STELLAR, we focus on holistic English learning and guide our students to excel in the years leading up to the PSLE.

  • Paper 1 (Writing)
  • Paper 2 (Language Use & Comprehension)
  • Paper 3 (Listening Comprehension)
  • Paper 4 (Oral Communication)

Independent Writing Practice

On top of guided writing practice throughout the course, we also aim to empower students to develop their own unique voice through writing.


At the end of each month, students will produce an independent piece of writing based on common themes and topics covered in schools.

Discover your Learning Style


  • Diagnostic test upon enrolment
  • One-on-one consultation with
    recommendations from curriculum
  • Evaluate your child’s personal
    language capabilities and abilities
  • Tried-and-tested approach with proven
    results in the past decade


We will recommend a language learning pathway catered to each child. Reach your language goals easily with us!

Achieve Success Through Literacy


Through our intensive curriculum, students are also taught essential critical thinking skills that can be applied in everyday life.


STELLAR enables our students to grow and become learned individuals who are able to thrive in the 21st century.


Create an impact that lasts with Writers Studio.

When are classes held?

Send us an enquiry to ask about our schedule.

Where are classes held?

Writers Studio

Onsite classes are held at our centre. Find us at #03-06 Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177.

Our themed classrooms are painted in soothing, pastel colours that create a learning environment where creativity can flourish! Every classroom is unique and caters to students of different ages and personalities.


We are also currently offering online English tuition classes.

Why join the STELLAR ICW Course?


We empower our students to become active thinkers and effective communicators, who are cross-culturally sensitive and aware of contemporary events around the world.

Communicate Well

Read & comprehend texts with stronger inferential skills. Use vocabulary & grammar more precisely. Write more effectively to convey your message. Stand out from the crowd by having stronger literacy skills.

Cross-cultural Awareness

Our curriculum is regularly updated with relevant real-world content across the globe.

Read Widely

Upon enrolment, all students become members of our Imaginarium Club, which gives access to our WS library. Perfect for budding readers!

Interested in strengthening your holistic language proficiency and achieving your targets for the PSLE? Registration is currently open for 2023. To register, talk to us at 91224880 or send us an enquiry through our contact page.

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