Unlock these English Learning Toolkits for your child, ranging from creative writing phrases to PSLE oral reading tips. You may ask why it is important to set aside extra time to revise your work at home. Well, we know that many of our successful graduates spend time managing their revision at home on top of regular tuition. There are plenty of benefits to this good habit.

  • R eading and Reflecting allows your child to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • E valuate which techniques do not work for your child and seek our teachers’ advice for better ones.
  • V alidate methods that work for your child by practising more questions on their own to fix stubborn problems. Meet our teachers to identify performance gaps.
  • I magine alternative story plots for compositions. Work with our teachers to review stories that your child has written at home and think up better plot twists.
  • S et expectations. Having invested more time in your child’s revision, you’ll only want to do better! Don’t forget to incentivise your child.

Regular revision will do wonders for your child’s performance. The earlier you
start, the better!


1. It hones your child’s reflective skills


The word ‘revision’ means ‘to read things again’. When your child reads and
revises his notes and corrections for prior mistakes made, what is being done is
an awareness of what did not work. This prevents recurring mistakes and your
child will internalise the strategies that are more effective to score better in the


2. It grows your child’s confidence.


Confidence arises from a sense of competence arising out of small
achievements and being prepared for upcoming challenges. Haven’t you realise
that the less prepared your child was, the worse he or she fared? They don’t
gain victories with shortcuts or sheer luck. (That is also the last habit you want
your child to pick up.)


3. Reduce stress during exam period.


Getting on with revision sooner means much less stress and anxiety during the
exam period. It allows children to study at their own pace rather than
exhausting themselves with burning the midnight oil. Fish out that string of
memory from your childhood. Imagine the last time when you almost had to
beg your mother to stay with you to finish up the revision. You will never want
your child to repeat that nightmare again.


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