About the Course


TWINKLE STARS prepares 6-year-old-children for primary school education by building strong foundational reading and writing skills. Lessons include grammar, spelling and vocabulary. Your child will be better prepared for expectations in school. Benefit from our tailored curriculum created for our younger students since 2012 – many of whom have become long-time students of Writers Studio. Engage your child through well-paced activities led by caring teachers who are qualified to teach young children.

From spelling to short writing, we ensure that your child has the fundamentals of English down pat before they enter primary school!


We work closely with experienced early childhood educators and are constantly refining our course contents with fresh content! We love to brainstorm for fun and engaging learning activities to stimulate the young and inquisitive mind.


Jumpstart your child’s English language journey with Writers Studio.

Word Recognition & Vocabulary Building

When it comes to English, we believe that vocabulary is essential.


The new PSLE syllabus requires your child to read with inference, write expressively and speak convincingly in the oral exams. It’s important to read, spell and apply basic vocabulary. It is also the gateway to better reading, writing and oral presentations.


Students will gain a strong grasp of vocabulary and its contextual application in our class. Eliminate struggles in the later years by starting early.

Clear Learning Trajectories

Students will first focus on basic grammar and sentence creation through pictorial and written forms.


Students are exposed to sentences that are used in daily speech and also learn thematic vocabulary.


Through dedicated teaching, they will eventually progress to:

  • Reading independently without pictures
  • Identifying complex words and phrases
  • Speaking and presenting coherently
  • Crafting stories for the show and tell
  • Writing simplified journal pieces

Headstart for Primary One

English is the most important subject that children should be familiar with by the time they enter Primary 1 in Singapore.


A strong foundation in The English Language allows children to develop confidence in other subjects and
express themselves well in creative writing. They can grasp concepts quicker when reading and pick up
advanced grammar more easily in the future.


We cultivate an effective learning environment as our teachers are qualified in preparing your child for Primary One. Our lessons are fun, interactive and rewarding.

Preparing Early for Higher Levels

We believe in streaming our students by proficiency levels in later years. Every child has their own unique language learning pathway. By starting early, we bring your child onto the best track early.


Your child’s ability to use the language will be assessed and diagnosed by the language teacher. Our team plans the language learning materials best catered for your child’s learning potential carefully.


We spot gaps and alert you when you are busy. We lift your child’s potential for opportunities in the gifted programmes when we spot a prodigy. All these begin early and parents who have been working closely with us know how important this is.



When are classes held?

Send us an enquiry to ask about our schedule.

Where are classes held?

Writers Studio


Onsite classes are held at our centre. Find us at #03-06 Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177


Our themed classrooms are painted in soothing, pastel colours that create a learning environment where creativity can flourish! Every classroom is unique and caters to students of different ages and personalities.


We are also currently offering online English tuition classes.

Interested in enrolling in our specialised English writing class? Registration is currently open for 2023. To register, talk to us at 91224880 or send us an enquiry through our contact page.



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