22 June 2024

Creative Writing Lessons: Weaving Stories with Magic

The allure of Magic lies in its ability to mystify our perception. Have you ever pondered where that vanished card or object goes? Or marvelled at the sight of a rabbit conjured from thin air? I am Aloysius Tay. As a child, I often wondered about the relevance of Magic in mastering English. Now, I’ve realised its potential in enhancing the writing skills of students in Primary Schools and at Writers Studio, a creative school dedicated to nurturing young writers that I attended.

At Writers Studio, teachers craft lessons creatively, approaching each topic with care and understanding of our youthful perspective. They deliver lessons with an effort to scale them down to our level, explaining concepts in ways that entice and engage us as children. This approach not only makes learning enjoyable but also ensures that we grasp the fundamentals effectively.

During my primary school days, teachers emphasised the fundamentals of creative writing, teaching us connectors like “However” and “Subsequently”, along with similes such as “as fierce as a lion”. Despite this, I struggled to articulate my ideas clearly in writing. However, at Writers Studio, when my teacher performs a Magic trick like making a coin disappear, I’m tasked with recounting the experience. This exercise sharpens my critical thinking and enables me to narrate events coherently, employing proper sentence structure and syntax. This practical approach, coupled with traditional learning, has boosted my confidence in expressing myself during picture compositions and oral exams.

The use of Magic during writing lessons serves as an excellent tuning-in method. It captivates our attention and inspires us to pay closer attention to details, leading to better learning outcomes. One memorable instance at Writers Studio involved my teacher showcasing a bird during a trick. This sparked my ability to vividly depict imagery. Instead of stating “the magician has a bird in his hat”, I now write, “the magician, with a hat as black as charcoal, cradles a dove as white as snow”. This shift has enriched my sentences with creative vocabulary and imaginative flair. Magic plays a pivotal role in English learning by enhancing my listening skills and encouraging me to craft vivid scenes using creative language. It has also honed my skills in characterisation and suspense, elevating the quality of my writing.

And whenever I see an opportunity with a plot twist, I always feel that small spark in me, the spark that came from the magic shows I watched during my lessons at Writers Studio, the spark that my teacher used to remind me that when we hold a pen, it’s like a magic wand. We can use it to weave our own magic in stories.

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This heartfelt blog is written by our graduate, Aloysius Tay, who attended Stellar Creative Writing lessons at Writers Studio. He has also attended the English Fest events as an alumni, including the magic performance and storytelling sessions.