25 October 2021

What Are The Benefits of Learning Creative Writing?

With their boundless imagination and wonder, children love to both listen to and tell stories. Creative writing is a great way to prepare them not just for composition writing in primary school and essay writing in higher education, but also provide another avenue for enjoyment and personal growth. Here are some ways that creative writing classes for kids provide holistic benefits in their lives.


It encourages their imagination.

Children’s minds are naturally attuned to creativity and imagination, creating fantastical stories from simple daily events that many adults often take for granted. As children spend more time reading fiction stories and adopting elements they enjoy most in their own personal writing, they will also grow their imagination. In turn, this aids their holistic development of social, emotional, creative, physical, lingual, and problem-solving skills, helping them to thrive in other pursuits and passions. Writers Studio’s creative writing classes for kids utilise interactive methods in a fun learning environment to cultivate your child’s imagination and make every lesson an engaging one.


It promotes self-expression. 

Children can have a difficult time expressing and conveying their thoughts and feelings. Creative writing classes for kids provide them with an avenue to convey their emotions in the form of their characters’ behaviour, words, and actions. As they grow up, they will eventually develop their own voice and identity, which goes a long way in writing moving prose and poetry, as well as connecting with readers for a greater impact. Self-expression also helps children to forge closer ties with their family and friends, improving their mental health and well-being, particularly in these trying times.


It improves their thought process.

Writing a creative piece requires clarity and focus. Creative writing classes for kids train students in the process of brainstorming for storyline ideas, arranging their sequence of events in chronological order, as well as being familiar with grammar, punctuation, and the right vocabulary to help their writing stand out. Over time, writing will become second nature to your child, which helps them to write fluidly and quickly. This is an invaluable skill when your child has to write compositions or essays within time constraints, as well as helping them to think clearly and effectively in situations beyond their studies.


It builds their confidence.

Just like any other skill, writing takes time to hone and improve. Initially, your child may find themselves struggling with spelling or using the right words, or being frustrated with being unable to convey their thoughts accurately. Our tutors at our English courses in Singapore provide both useful feedback and constant encouragement and support to your child, building up their confidence as they see their writing improve over time. Writers Studio celebrates our students’ creativity by sharing featured creative excerpts on our website every week. This further helps to build your child’s confidence as they continue learning with us.


It helps them communicate effectively.

Writing is as essential in communication as speech, particularly as children grow up and are required to write extensive essays for submission, or into adulthood where they must communicate with both colleagues and clients. English courses in Singapore focus on teaching proper grammar, syntax, as well as listening and speaking skills; helping your child to be well-rounded and fluent in English communication. This has numerous uses in other settings, such as doing a presentation in front of their class or introducing themselves to new friends in novel settings.


Writers Studio’s various English courses in Singapore help children of various ages to hone their skills and be well-prepared for future challenges both academically and in life. Contact us today to learn more about our courses and rates.