14 December 2021

The Importance of English Tuition for PSLE Students

As the first national exam that Singaporean students face, the PSLE is naturally a daunting affair that requires both hard work and effective studying. Learn more about how PSLE English tuition plays an important role in helping your child score well in their exams and enroll in their desired secondary school.


It helps them to identify and improve on their weaknesses.

While hard work is important, studying smart helps students to maximise their time and efficiency when studying, while also being a key skill they will need in further education. Not only does it make revision more productive, it also provides students more time for leisure, which helps them pace themselves and take care of their overall health and wellbeing. One example is to focus on weaker areas, rather than study and practice all content equally.


Good PSLE English tutors help students to identify areas they are weaker in, be it spelling words incorrectly, being unable to fully answer comprehension questions, as well as understanding proper grammar for MCQ and cloze passage questions. Highlighting these areas to both students and concerned parents, allows them to more consciously focus on these areas during self-revision outside of tuition, improving their exam performance.


It helps them learn effective scoring methods and techniques.

Having a good grasp of content and strategies is a solid foundation for students as they take the PSLE, but learning how to maximise marks is key to actually score. PSLE English tuition is designed to supplement and reinforce concepts and content that students learn in school, providing various tips and techniques to score, ranging from elimination techniques for answering MCQ questions, to what examiners are looking out for in a well-written and structured composition.


Good PSLE English tutors are well-versed with the primary school English syllabus, which allows them to impart their techniques to students effectively, guiding them as they apply these techniques during tuition class. In addition, they also provide constant feedback on how to improve, particularly for open-ended answers such as comprehension questions as well as written compositions.


It prepares them to work under time pressure.

While practicing revision papers for PSLE is important, it is also crucial for students to complete them within the stipulated time. Time management is a skill required for all examinations, and students who do not focus on it are more likely to become flustered and make careless mistakes, leading to a poorer score.


PSLE English tuitions feature rigorous practice with carefully crafted questions, particularly in the months leading up to the exam. Over time, students will grow accustomed to what the exams require, allowing them to answer questions more swiftly. This also provides them additional time to check through their paper, further reducing the likelihood of losing marks to careless mistakes.


It grows their confidence.

With the constant pressure to outperform their peers and enroll into highly competitive schools with limited spaces, students will naturally face high levels of stress and pressure. Particularly for students who may not be as academically inclined, PSLE preparation can often lead to lowered confidence and mounting stress, particularly in these challenging times.


As passionate educators themselves, Writers Studios’ PSLE English tutors go the distance with their boundless patience and support, being not just teachers but mentors who are concerned about their students’ holistic wellbeing. Not only does this bring out the potential in every child, it builds up their confidence as they grow in English mastery. In turn, this builds up their tenacity and resilience as they step into secondary school and face new challenges.


Writers Studio’s PSLE English tuition classes provide the rigour and expertise for Primary 6 students to score well in their exams. Contact us today to learn more about our courses and rates.