05 April 2024

Latest Updates to PSLE 2025 English Scoring

In 2025, the landscape of PSLE English scoring will soon undergo notable changes, and it’s crucial for students and parents alike to grasp the implications of these updates. At the forefront of these changes lies a re-evaluation of scoring criteria, particularly in the Paper 1 and 2 language section, along with a renewed emphasis on the oral examination component.

Here is a table of summary reflecting the latest changes:


One significant shift in the new scoring system is the reduction of marks allocated to the Paper 2 language section. While this adjustment may seem subtle, its implications are far-reaching. With fewer marks available, examiners are likely to elevate the difficulty level of questions, presenting a challenge for students.

In light of these changes, the importance of the oral examination component has been magnified. With higher expectations placed on oral proficiency, students must hone their speaking skills to excel in this segment. Recognising this need, Writers Studio offers a range of courses tailored to enhance oral abilities.

For students seeking comprehensive oral training during critical examination periods, the Stellar Integrated Creative Writing course at Writers Studio presents an ideal option. This course spans five months and integrates oral training, ensuring students are well-prepared for the demands of the PSLE.

Alternatively, the Writers Studio Gemini bilingual oral programme offers a unique approach by combining Chinese and English in a ten-lesson course. Led by experienced PSLE oral trainers, this programme maximises learning potential and equips students with valuable bilingual communication skills.

Moreover, for those seeking a more condensed course duration, Writers Studio also provides a holiday PSLE oral programme. This option allows students to benefit from focused training in a shorter timeframe, catering to individual preferences and schedules.

Finally, understanding the latest updates to PSLE English scoring is paramount for students aiming to excel in their examinations. With Writers Studio’s up-to-date materials and tailored courses, students can confidently overcome these new challenges and strive towards a much higher PSLE score