18 January 2022

How Teachers Help Students To Enjoy Learning Literature

Introduced at secondary school education in Singapore, literature is one of the subjects that many students either love or hate. Learn more about the importance of learning literature and its benefits for students, and how online English tuition in Singapore helps to bring literature to life.


Why is learning literature important?

Literature differs from English in that it focuses on in-depth studies of works of literature, such as poems, plays, and novels, in contrast to English which focuses more on technical elements and grammar. Much more than helping one to sound learned, literature plays an important yet understated role in students’ development, supported by skilled O Level English tutors.


One of the greatest strengths of literature is its ability to transport readers into another culture, time, and place. For Singaporeans who are accustomed to our small nation and way of life, literature exposes readers to other worldviews which frequently do not align or even clash with one’s own. It helps students understand that the world is not just a matter of black and white, and is multi-faceted yet beautifully diverse. This allows students to build their empathy and ability to relate to others from different backgrounds, which proves invaluable when staying abroad while pursuing higher education, or connecting with other Singaporeans from different walks of life.


Secondly, literature hones numerous skills in students, such as critical thinking, creativity, self-expression, communication, and confidence. These skills are highly valued in today’s dynamically changing world, and practicing them from an early age helps your child to hone them and use them effectively as they step into further education and eventually into the workforce. Students also learn how to develop their individual thoughts and opinions, as well as how to clearly communicate them effectively through essays and writing.


Unfortunately, many secondary school students find literature a boring topic, citing reasons such as finding it hard to focus on classical texts written hundreds of years ago, to finding it completely in contrast to science and math subjects, which require a more structured and methodical approach to solving questions. This is where online English tuition in Singapore comes into play, bolstering students’ interest and academic ability to help them score well.


How do Writers Studio’s teachers bring literature to life?

At Writers Studio, our passionate O Level English tutors are highly qualified and passionate about introducing the wonders of literature to students. Through smaller class sizes, our tutors provide more attention to each individual student, keeping track of their progress and optimal learning preferences, and providing valuable feedback to help improve your child’s performance. They also adopt engaging and effective teaching methods to make literature fun yet relatable.


An important teaching method is providing the background context of the literature piece students are studying, be it the context of Soviet Russia in Animal Farm, or the negative stereotypes of Jews in The Merchant of Venice. This allows the text to be less foreign to students, while also piquing their interest to find out more about history.

Another method is to adopt a fresh spin on existing texts, such as performing a scene in a Shakespearean play in contemporary Singapore, or rewriting classical poems in a different format or style. Students also have ample opportunities to practice their essay writing skills under time constraints, allowing them to get used to writing under pressure and consequently improving their performance in the O Level exams.

At the lower secondary level, we teach popular fiction including The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. These topics are easier to grasp if there is guidance from a professional tutor who is well-versed with the literature book, its themes and exam trends. 


Writers Studio’s O Level English tutors help your child to embrace literature and unlock their inner expression and creativity. Contact us today to learn more about our courses and rates.