Creative Writing Holiday Camp Pri 5

Creative Writing Holiday Camp
November/ December

Unlock Your Author Potential: Craft the Write Path to Exam Success!
Primary 5

Pri 5 Creative Writing Camp with Grading

If you’re still wondering whether your child should enrol in an intensive PSLE preparation course for the upcoming holidays, the time for hesitation is over. As experienced PSLE trainers with a successful track record spanning a decade (not to mention our beginnings back in 2008 as private PSLE educators), this 4-day creative writing camp is a strategic move you should consider for your child. With less than a year left until your child’s PSLE, every day is precious.

Writers Studio’s 4-day writing camp is an assertive yet supportive programme designed to boost your child’s confidence and equip them with a competitive edge in composition writing. The traditional approach of following a standard story model is no longer sufficient. Your child will learn to infuse their compositions with surprises and plot twists, demonstrating their mastery of storytelling to examiners. This will result in more engaging and less predictable writing.

Furthermore, the camp will emphasize the importance of aligning a story’s plot with the selected picture and theme. Not every introduction needs to be a flashback, and not every story must end with an explicit lesson – subtle endings can be more effective. If your child enjoys reading but finds conventional compositions uninspiring due to the typical model compositions, our camp will reignite their passion for writing and encourage them to create their own unique pieces.

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“When this course was first launched, I thought it was a fantastic way of bridging what my students read and what they are asked to write. As a teacher for this writing camp since 2020, I noticed that the methodologies used during the lessons not only enhance their story development process, while emulating good authors and exciting passive readers to develop thought-provoking and engaging compositions.

Learning from real authors is essential for several reasons, especially when it comes to achieving excellence in creative writing and setting students apart from the competition, particularly in the context of the PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination). This helps even more when your child does not read often.”

~ Teacher Karen, experienced PSLE trainer, B.A. Eng Lit

What your child will learn:

  1. Describing Vivid Settings in Writing

    Many P5 students often overlook the importance of incorporating setting into their storywriting process. Regrettably, the setting tends to be neglected after the story’s initial setup, resulting in a missed opportunity to showcase linguistic prowess. Skilful use of descriptive language within the setting can effectively demonstrate the student’s language proficiency. The techniques for achieving this will be unveiled during the camp.

  2. Emulation of Story-Book Characters in Writing

    Students often make the common mistake of concentrating solely on a character’s actions. They tend to neglect or merely summarise the thoughts and emotions of these characters. By delving into how authors create their characters, our teachers will guide your child in developing characters with more depth.

  3. Creating Convincing Plots for Compositions

    Students frequently lack comprehensive guidance on the reasons behind gaps or plot issues in their writing. Recognising the limited feedback typically provided in school and the overall lack of practice in most primary schools, we are committed to offering detailed feedback on the students’ work. Towards the end of the course, we will furnish one comprehensive feedback form, along with grading their work.

  4. Creating Convincing Problems and Resolutions

    We will revise the writing of conflicts and resolutions that will help students make their stories more exciting. It’s important to note that many students introduce interesting problems in their stories but often fall short in explaining or illustrating them effectively. They tend to rely on excessive telling and emphasise explicit actions while missing many implicit developments. We’ll take a very detailed approach to teach your child how to enhance these areas.

  5. Heightening Story Climaxes and Exciting Readers through Vivid Vocabulary

    Students will acquire the skill of incorporating adjectives, metaphors, and idioms strategically in their stories to enhance tension – with a clear focus on the potential impact on their exam performance. The challenge often lies in students’ commitment rather than their ability. Their time management is a key concern. Consequently, many opt for the most straightforward path: memorising challenging words and phrases.

  6. Ending Stories with a Coda or Proverbial Expression with emphasis on creative endings

    Through the use of codas or familiar sayings, students can convey that their stories carry meaningful messages. Yet, we are aware that these techniques can become overly conventional. To secure higher scores, we’ll introduce alternative good ending techniques, equipping students with essential tools to better their conclusions and help ensure the last paragraph makes a significant impact on their exam results.

Camp Schedule

Date :
28 Nov to 1 Dec

12 pm to 2 pm

Age Group:

Programme Theme:

Unlock Your Author Potential: Craft the Write Path to Exam Success!

Writing is a craft that can be honed and improved through practice and learning. The camp provides the tools and techniques necessary to navigate this path effectively. Writing isn’t just about creativity; it’s a skill that can lead to academic success. Throughout the creative writing camp, students can acquire skills to help them excel in the PSLE.

Course Fees:

Academic LevelFees per student Single lesson fees
(minimum 2 days)  
P5 Creative Writing$ 290$ 79

Early bird discount for enrolment by 20 November.
*No make up is provided for absenteeism
** Parents can arrange to meet teachers for further feedback during the course. By appointment only.

Recent Reviews from Course Participants

~ Scarlett Cheng

~ Scarlett Cheng

“My favourite story is Father Christmas. We get to act out a skit before we started analysing the characters. During that lesson, I learnt to write something meaningful. Best of all, I could get a lollipop as a reward. This is my third holiday course at Writers Studio.”
~ James Lew Jia En

~ James Lew Jia En

“I like to write but I needed to put on a bigger thinking cap. I learnt to make some bends in my story plot. I learnt new ways to write about the characters and what they do in their stories. I could pick up new vocabulary because at every paragraph, we are taught new phrases.”
~ Kang Yu Cheng

~ Kang Yu Cheng

“I enjoy the lessons taught during the Creative Writing Camp. There were so many interesting activities. I remember that we had to wear a face mask with a big nose and act out a character. It makes me think about what the character will say and do in my story. I learn to create new characters in my stories.”