Creative Writing P1, P2 September 2023

September Holiday Course

Creative Writing Classes
Primary 1 and 2

ENROL NOW for Pri 1 and 2 creative writing courses during the September holidays, designed to foster a love for reading and writing. These courses are carefully crafted to guide your child in becoming an aspiring young writer who will learn to draw inspiration from popular fiction.

Our dynamic and engaging course methodically dissects writing principles, ensuring that your child can approach writing with confidence and excitement. By delving into the enchanting world of storytelling, we aim to ignite their passion for crafting narratives that resonate.

Led by skilled educators from Writers Studio, our classes maintain a small group setting to provide focused attention and meaningful interaction.

With limited slots available, secure your child’s spot today and embark on a journey to cultivate not only writing skills but also a lifelong affinity for reading and creative expression.

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Key Course Features

  • Cultivating a Passion for Reading
    By exploring stories with different themes through interesting books and hands-on writing practices, young students will develop a deeper appreciation for writing.
  • Visualizing Text through Art and Language
    This sensory approach is unique to Writers Studio and helps students immerse themselves in their story, leading to better understanding and engagement.
  • Grasping the Concept of the Story Arc
    Students will learn about the story arc, including the key elements of introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.
  • Crafting Engaging Story Beginnings and Endings
    Students will gain insights into crafting compelling story openings and meaningful endings.
  • Harnessing the Power of Adjectives in Writing
    Students will learn to effectively use adjectives to create a rich sensory story, making their writing more vibrant and engaging.

Learning Outcomes

By course completion, students will be able to:

  • Structured Storytelling is achieved. Students participate in purposeful storytelling with coherent narrative flow.
  • Sustained Creativity throughout writing helps students to avoid running out of ideas.
  • Appreciation of Story Structure allows students to understand variations in story development on the story mountain.
  • Strategic Plot Handling enables students to learn strategies for effective plotting.
  • Effective Story Endings so that students can conclude stories logically and purposefully.

Early bird promotions until 31 August

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Teachers’ Forte

Unlock a vibrant learning adventure this September holiday for your Primary 1 and 2 child, guided by our compassionate and dynamic educators. Our carefully selected teachers are experts at tailoring their teaching approaches to suit the younger age group, ensuring that lessons are far from dull.

At Writers Studio, we understand the unique needs of Primary 1 and 2 students. Our professional and experienced instructors skilfully navigate the classroom, drawing from their training and years of working with children of similar age groups. We recognise their challenges and learning patterns, which allows us to provide a truly effective learning environment.

Our engaging teachers infuse every lesson with energy, ensuring that learning is both exciting and motivating. Your child will experience a classroom filled with lively activities, surprises, and joyous interactions. From captivating storytelling sessions to interactive games that ignite their creativity, we create an environment where learning becomes an adventure.

Join us this September and let our caring and experienced educators lead your child on a transformative journey of growth and discovery. Trust in Writers Studio’s proven track record of nurturing young minds, and watch your child thrive in an environment that values both education and enjoyment.


$ 185 per course
$65 (Single sessions/ Min. 2 sessions)

Course Schedule

6 Sep – 8 Sep (Wed – Fri )
9.30 a.m. – 11.30 a.m.

Recent Reviews from Course Participants

~ Scarlett Cheng

~ Scarlett Cheng

“My favourite story is Father Christmas. We get to act out a skit before we started analysing the characters. During that lesson, I learnt to write something meaningful. Best of all, I could get a lollipop as a reward. This is my third holiday course at Writers Studio.”
~ James Lew Jia En

~ James Lew Jia En

“I like to write but I needed to put on a bigger thinking cap. I learnt to make some bends in my story plot. I learnt new ways to write about the characters and what they do in their stories. I could pick up new vocabulary because at every paragraph, we are taught new phrases.”
~ Kang Yu Cheng

~ Kang Yu Cheng

“I enjoy the lessons taught during the Creative Writing Camp. There were so many interesting activities. I remember that we had to wear a face mask with a big nose and act out a character. It makes me think about what the character will say and do in my story. I learn to create new characters in my stories.”

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