Creative Writing P1, P2 June 2024

Primary 1 & 2
Creative Writing Holiday Courses

18 to 21 June (Tue to Fri)
9.30 am to 11.30 am

Transform your child’s writing skills with our exclusive short holiday programme!
Our holiday classes are held from 9.30 am to 11.30 am from 18 to 21 June.

We understand that writing can be daunting for your young child, often stemming from a fear of a misstep. But fear not! This June’s Creative Writing programme is crafted to provide a supportive environment where your child feels empowered to express their ideas freely. With just a gentle nudge in the right direction using the exciting approaches we have created, they’ll eagerly write without rejecting the tasks.

During our programme, your child will embark on an exciting journey of discovery, where each day brings new opportunities for learning new tricks. Through a carefully curated curriculum, we will guide them through, starting with the dramatisation of story scenarios and characterisation. We know how to maximise holiday classes as a springboard to help your child accelerate by collapsing 4 weeks of training into this short programme.  

But we do not stop there. We believe in breaking down themes thoroughly, helping your child understand the essence of each storyline. They will learn how to characterise important figures in the story, bringing them to life with more vivid details.

Our structured approach extends to plot development, where your child will master the art of crafting a logical storyline. They will expand their vocabulary, pick up essential language devices, and learn to enhance their writing with similes and adverbs –  all scaled for their age group. Each day, your child will craft compositions during our lessons, applying new creative phrases for their age. These lessons align with MOE’s assessment standards, with detailed marking included.

But the perks do not end there! To keep your child motivated, we provide a checklist for achievements at the end of each lesson, redeemable for cool incentives. It is our way of celebrating their progress and encouraging them to reach new heights in their writing journey.

Do not just take our word for it — our most recent holiday programme in March received good feedback from parents. Join us this June before the early bird promotion ends.

Course Highlights:

  • Plenty of bite-sized hands-on for students so that they will be enticed to write
  • Students will complete a checklist of achievements, redeemable for incentives
  • Feedback given for written work, along with areas for improvement by qualified teachers

Learning Outcomes:

  • Dramatisation of Story Scenarios to Understand the Theme
  • Breaking Down the Theme Thoroughly
  • Learning How to Characterise Important People in the Story
  • Structuring A Plot Logically
  • Expanding Vocabulary on Creative Phrases
  • Pick Up Essential Language Devices Needed at P1 Level
  • Learning to Enhance Language Using Similes and Adverbs

Early bird promotions until 14 June

Text: 9122 4880
[email protected]


$255 per course
$68 (single-day options / min. 2 sessions)


18 to 21 June (Tue to Fri)
9.30 am to 11.30 am

Recent Reviews from Course Participants

~ Scarlett Cheng

~ Scarlett Cheng

“My favourite story is Father Christmas. We get to act out a skit before we started analysing the characters. During that lesson, I learnt to write something meaningful. Best of all, I could get a lollipop as a reward. This is my third holiday course at Writers Studio.”
~ James Lew Jia En

~ James Lew Jia En

“I like to write but I needed to put on a bigger thinking cap. I learnt to make some bends in my story plot. I learnt new ways to write about the characters and what they do in their stories. I could pick up new vocabulary because at every paragraph, we are taught new phrases.”
~ Kang Yu Cheng

~ Kang Yu Cheng

“I enjoy the lessons taught during the Creative Writing Camp. There were so many interesting activities. I remember that we had to wear a face mask with a big nose and act out a character. It makes me think about what the character will say and do in my story. I learn to create new characters in my stories.”