19 April 2022

The Benefits Of Proficient Oral Communication For Your Child

As part of our daily lives, we always have to rely on our communication skills to convey our ideas and thoughts to others. Therefore, it is crucial for a child to develop and hone their oral communication skills from a young age, as they are essential for a child’s academic and future career success. 


While many children often have no problem communicating with their friends, speaking with their teachers or in front of an audience is a different prospect. It is common to find many kids feeling apprehensive when asked to communicate with someone they are unfamiliar with. 


Fortunately, oral communication skills can be developed. So even if you notice your child is naturally reserved and unsure of how to express their ideas, fret not! By enrolling your child in oral communication classes, you can help them build the foundational skills they will be using for the rest of their life. Let us share how your child can benefit from attending these classes.


1. Build your child’s confidence


Oral communication class


Public speaking is a daunting task for anyone; even adults often get nervous when they are scheduled to speak in front of an audience. However, as the adage goes, “practice makes perfect”. When your child attends an oral communication class, they will be guided on how to articulate their ideas effectively to others, and often they will be asked to present their thoughts in front of the class. 


By repeating the presenting process, your child will get used to the idea of articulating their thoughts to others, which lessens their fear of public speaking over time. This also allows them to develop their confidence and communication skills, which will prove invaluable in school, and eventually the workplace. 


2. Enhances your child’s collaboration skills


oral class collaboration skills


Communication is a two-way street, and learning how to listen attentively to a speaker is just as crucial as learning how to articulate one’s thoughts. By learning how to pay close attention to what someone has to say, your child can better understand others. Combined with their ability to articulate themselves proficiently, your child will be able to more effectively work with others in a team setting.


3. Improve your child’s oral communication skills


student presenting in front of their classmates oral communication in Singapore


In an oral communication class, students will be guided on how to eloquently present their thoughts and ideas with others in a calm and rational manner, which is crucial in social interactions and school situations. 


Moreover, as your child continues to hone their communication skills, they will learn how to better organise their thoughts and speak in an appropriate and persuasive manner when presenting their views to others or when refuting an opposing view. This will prove to be invaluable when your child is taking their oral exams in school.


There is no denying the importance of possessing excellent oral communication skills. Good communication enables your child to better understand the learning process and empowers them to ask relevant questions and clarify any doubts they have at school. It also helps them socialise with their peers and facilitate new friendships, which is a crucial aspect of their daily lives. 


At Writers Studio, our various oral communication classes help children of different ages hone and develop their communication skills, ensuring they can communicate and interact effectively with others. Contact us today to find out more about our courses and rates.