11 September 2023

Teacher’s Day 2023: Beyond a Holiday

Teacher’s Day is not merely a day off work; it’s a day that carries profound meaning and significance. It serves as a reminder of why teaching is essential and should never be reduced to a role that solely aims to help students achieve good grades.As someone with 23 years of teaching experience who now runs her own educational centre, I founded it with a passion for teaching English and a deep love for writing. During the early years of establishing this centre, I realised that teaching goes far beyond imparting knowledge. It demands a deep understanding of our students and the unwavering belief that every child possesses the innate desire to learn. I came to understand that cultivating this thirst for learning is the key to academic success. Therefore, much of my focus shifted towards conditioning students’ minds and attitudes towards learning. The result was astounding: every student I taught, without exception, achieved distinctions in PSLE English and A1 in O levels.In our educational centre, I have had the privilege of working with many teachers over the years. While many are skilled educators, it’s the committed, meticulous, and empathetic ones who truly stand out and stay on with me because of our shared vision. These educators have become an integral part of our team, with some having been with us since the centre’s inception.So, what sets these exceptional teachers apart? It’s their unwavering dedication to the art of teaching. They consistently prepare meticulously for their lessons, create original and customised materials tailored to each student’s unique learning needs, invest time in meaningful conversations with their students, and seek to understand what motivates them to learn.One such example is Teacher Karen, a remarkable teacher who joined our team eight years ago. She was admired for her passion for teaching. She spent countless hours preparing engaging lessons and devising creative ways to help students overcome their challenges. Karen believed in the potential of every child, even those who struggled academically.

Once, Karen noticed a quiet student named Sarah, who had been consistently underperforming in English. Rather than simply providing extra practice exercises, Karen took the time to have a one-on-one conversation with Sarah. She discovered that she had a hidden talent for storytelling and a love for reading adventure novels.

Karen decided to tap into Sarah’s interests, incorporating storytelling into her lessons and recommending thrilling adventure books for her to read. Sarah’s transformation was remarkable. She went from a shy, struggling student to an avid reader and a confident writer.

By the time the PSLE exams arrived, Sarah not only passed but also achieved an AL1 for English. The smile on her face and the pride in her parents’ eyes were a testament to Karen’s dedication as a teacher. Her commitment to understanding her students on a deeper level and fostering their love for learning had a profound impact.

Behind every successful student, there stands a remarkable teacher like Ms Karen. The educators at Writers Studio are people I’m incredibly proud to work alongside. Our current team, in particular, has gone above and beyond to help their students succeed. I know this firsthand because I’m involved in the process each day.

And as I turned on my Facebook page last Sunday, an old memory came up. Lionel Wong, a graduate of Pei Hwa Presbyterian, thanked me years ago for guiding him to excel in the English message. His message was sincere and appreciative. He was a very hardworking boy, who respected his teachers and had a very strong aptitude for learning. He subsequently enrolled in Hwa Chung Institution, where I’m sure he continued to shine. Such moments of pride and gratitude are what make teaching truly rewarding.

Let us continue to inspire and nurture the future generations, recognising that teaching is not just a profession; it’s a profound vocation that shapes the world’s future leaders and thinkers. Happy Teacher’s Day!

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Written by Mrs Goh, a dedicated mother and experienced English Language creative writing teacher with 23 years of experience. She believes education should encompass curiosity, creativity and character development. Her teaching philosophy has helped thousands of students excel in English, preparing them for illustrious careers and college success. Beyond academics, she fosters a love for language, storytelling, and self-expression, empowering students to shape their future. Her work at Writers Studio transforms students into confident, ambitious individuals.