18 May 2024

O-Level English: How You Can Excel at Essay Conclusions

Here at Writers Studio School of English, we believe that writing an essay can be a daunting task, especially for lower secondary students who are still developing their writing skills in preparation for the O-Levels. The process of organising one’s thoughts, constructing a clear argument, and effectively communicating ideas through written words requires tremendous effort and practice. Additionally, the pressure to perform well academically within a time limit can add to the challenge of writing an essay, causing many students to feel overwhelmed and anxious. However, it is important to remember that a good essay ending is crucial in leaving a lasting impression on the examiner and can make or break the desired outcome at the O-Level exams. Therefore, mastering the art of crafting an effective conclusion is essential for students seeking to excel in essay writing.

1. End with a Quote or a Phrase
Selecting a carefully-crafted quote or phrase that encapsulates the primary proposition of an essay can greatly enhance the impact of the conclusion and reinforce the message the student intends to convey. This is especially crucial at the O-levels, where students are required to exhibit their writing skills and proficiency in written communication. Furthermore, a skilfully executed conclusion with a well-crafted quote or phrase can distinguish a student’s essay from others and result in a higher score.

2. Summarise Your Points
Summarising your points succinctly in the last paragraph is important because it allows you to reiterate your main points and emphasise the key takeaways of your argument. This involves briefly restating the key arguments and evidence presented in your essay, highlighting their significance and relevance to your overall thesis statement. By doing this, you provide your reader with a concise overview of your essay’s key idea. This can help the marker better understand and remember your main ideas.

You can also take this chance to leave a lasting impression which may impact your results positively. Summarising your essay can help to provide closure and bring a sense of completion to your discussion, which can be satisfying for the reader. It also shows that you have effectively communicated your message and provided a clear and concise conclusion to your essay.

3. Length
Your conclusion for an essay should not be too long as it is meant to be a brief summary of the main points you have discussed in your essay and should be concise and to the point. As such, an essay that’s too long can come across as trying-too-hard and may confuse the reader with too much information. It is important to bear in mind that your reader has already read your essay and is familiar with your arguments, so your conclusion does not need to repeat everything.

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This article is contributed by Aloysius Chng from Writers Studio Singapore, an English tuition centre in Singapore that helps students learn the English language and enhance their knowledge gained from school. Aloysius Chng graduated with distinctions in the PSLE and the O-Levels after studying at Writers Studio. He was enrolled in the Stellar Integrated English Writing Programme and Stardream O-Levels.