Pri 4 to 5 Sept Creative Writing Camp


In this 3-day writing camp,
Students will be writing a story
spun off from a central theme from a story book.
While the innate values and characters are
retained, students get to write a story
that they will newly create with an inspired setting and set of characters
from a book. This enhances their story development process, while
emulating renowned authors and exciting passive readers to develop
thought-provoking and engaging stories.

Writers Studio students

Camp Schedule

6, 7, 8 September 2022

Time: 930 am to 1130 am

Programme Theme:

Creative Writing with Book Inspirations

What your child will learn:

1) Describing vivid settings in writing
2) Emulation of story-book characters in writing
3) Creating convincing plots for compositions
4) Creating convincing problems and resolutions
5) Heightening story climaxes and exciting the readers through
vivid vocabulary
6) Ending stories with a coda or proverbial expression



Recent Reviews from Course Participants

“I enjoy the lessons taught during the Creative Writing Camp.
There were so many interesting activities. I remember that we had to wear a
face mask with a big nose and act out a character. It makes me think about
what the character will say and do in my story. I learn to create new characters in
my stories.”
~ Kang Yu Cheng

“My favourite story is Father Christmas. We get to act out a skit before we started analysing
the characters. During that lesson, I learnt to write something meaningful. Best of all, I could get
a lollipop as a reward. This is my third holiday course at Writers Studio.”
~ Scarlett Cheng

“I like to write but I needed to put on a bigger thinking cap. I learnt to make some bends in my story plot.
I learnt new ways to write about the characters and what they do in their stories. I could pick up new vocabulary
because at every paragraph, we are taught new phrases.”
~ James Lew Jia En

Course Fees:
Primary 4 Camp : $190 (3-day Package) $72 (Single day option)
Primary 5 Camp: $210 (3-day Package) $78 (Single day option)

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