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A word from Carean Oh

Through literacy, I help your child succeed.

Success through literacy is achieved when we recognise the benefits early intervention can bring. The longer time we spend reading, speaking and writing, the more time we gain to ruminate, respond and recreate our thoughts. The same goes for our children.

Carean Oh,
Creative Writing Teacher
Writers Studio School of English

Success through Literacy must start early

It pays to start your child early on a language mastery journey. The English Language is unique. It affects the way we interpret the world. How accurately we convey our emotions through speaking and writing is also influenced by our grasp of language. If a child is able to comprehend language, it leads to future success in various ways. This can impact their career, progression and networking. Literacy has become something we cannot ignore. Afterall, we are living in an increasingly competitive world.

How I can help your child succeed

Heart-Based teaching Philosophy

Many students have become desensitized to what it means to grow holistically as a person. Because we are living in a world that revolves around technology and cyber space. It is important to think of ourselves as the key stakeholders in our children’s education. It takes a village to raise a child. In fact, a more holistic support is needed. I believe in listening to personal and professional experience as an educator. The truth is, the path as an educator means I have to do what’s best, ethical and sincere for my students. For parents who know me well, they will know that my solutions are practical and enduring. To be a true educator, I believe in collaborating with parents and teachers who truly care for your child’s development. Because we are developing children as future assets. And to have them grow into successful and happy adults, we must not just help them gain literacy. We have to educate the child from within by being role models. Gratitude, respect, honour and humility are all fundamental attributes a child should one day have. All else is secondary. I believe that every parent who sacrifices his or her time to educate their children daily will agree with me.

Carean Oh is a trained teacher, an educational consultant and a professional writer. Building success through literacy is her forte. She believes that successful English language students achieve milestones that transcend mediocrity.

Carean Oh‘s Credentials

Work Ethics

Carean Oh is a hardworking and unassuming edupreneur whose experiences spans more than 2 decades of work in the field of English education in Singapore, UK, South Korea and China. She is best known for her relentless pursuit in developing holistic education in her students. Parents of her students often believe that she understands their children’s performance gaps and academic needs more than they do. Carean Oh is a diligent teacher, often putting in more than 12 hours work day, to ensure that she is able to teach well. She is best known among parents as a highly responsible teacher whose integrity and sense of righteousness is respected in the community. Carean believes that no student should be shortchanged. She is respected among her students to be a humorous, selfless, compassionate and generous teacher.

Teacher Carean is a sincere, compassionate and generous teacher who works hard to make sure we do well for the PSLE.

~ Deonne Tan and Sarah Chong, P6 Students, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School
about Ms Carean Oh, Writers Studio

Professional History

Carean Oh was invited by former principals of De la Salle Primary School to apply for a position in education. As only a relief teacher, she had no intention to pursue a career in education. She graduated as one of the top students in the school of accountancy. She also attended professional courses in organisational psychology, branding, fine arts and business law. She was offered positions by the Big 4 half a year prior to her graduation and was ready to embark on a career in the field of audit. For her excellent character and work, she received praise from the audit partners of KPMG, Deloitte and Touche and the head of audit of Singapore Press Holdings. Despite the illustrious career that awaited her, she found her calling in teaching. The reason surprised her too. She was immensely touched by the enthusiasm and love from the batch of Primary 2 and 4 students whom she taught during her relief teaching stint at De la Salle Primary.


Carean Oh transformed the original lesson plans with much success and won the hearts of the observing teachers at Zheng Hua Primary School and the principals of De la Salle Primary school. They recommended her to the MOE where she was offered a job as a trainee teacher. The lecturers at the National Institute of Education gave her the highest scores for her academic and vocational performances upon her graduation. Her mastery journey did not end there. She turned to be a voracious learner and prolific teacher. She headed the Learning Management System and overhauled the system with her team. Sam Wong of Kranji Primary School and Canberra Primary School was her mentor. Subsequently, Carean was trained in organisational leadership, handling departmental work and school-wide campaigns. Her eloquent presentations and connections made her the ideal spokesperson for major school campaigns such as the Excel Fest.

She was integral to the school’s projects. Given her familiarity with the English, Chinese and European cultures, she was the liaison officer for immersion programmes. She was also seconded to New York and China for further training in the area of Science, Speech and Drama. Carean Oh implemented radical changes to the way Speech and Drama was taught in school by exposing students to coaches who are actors and professional trainers. In addition, she continued to transform the way English and Science are taught to both advanced learners, mediocre students and learners with special needs in her classes. Pilot classes to test new materials were held. This is because she strives to constantly refresh her content to ensure they remain relevant to the trends in education.

Finalist, Outstanding Youth in Education Award, Singapore (MOE, Singapore) – from 301 nominees nationwide
Most Caring Teacher Award in school (MOE, Singapore) – 3 consecutive years
Outstanding Contribution to School Award (MOE, Singapore)
Nominee of President’s Award in Education (MOE, Singapore)
Special Mention by Director General of Education

Professional Qualifications

Master’s Degree in Creative Writing (UK)
Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Singapore)
B.Acc., Minor in Fin & Fine Arts (Singapore)
Certification in Teaching High Ability Children (GEP Branch, MOE, Singapore)
Certification in Teaching Special Needs-Dyslexia & Autism (MOE, Singapore)

Professional Positions held by Carean Oh

Head of Science Department in school (MOE, Singapore)
Subject Head of ICT in school (MOE, Singapore)
Learning Management System School-based Administrator (MOE, Singapore)
Learnware Consultant | Using Gaming in Education (Singapore)
Speech and Drama Teacher in Education (MOE, Singapore)
Gifted Education Screening Test Administrator (GEP Branch, MOE, Singapore)
MOE Excel Fest, ICT. Presenter (MOE, Singapore)
External Auditor (KPMG)
Business Controls & Risk Assurance Consultant (Action Advisory Consultants)
Internal Auditor (SPH, Exxon Mobil)

Special Projects

Immersion Programme Coordinator (Zhuhai Yung Wing International School -Singapore) School Collaboration
Action Research by Teachers of cluster schools (MOE, Singapore)
Student-Writers Mentorship programme in Collaboration with ACE Publications
Published works for student-writers in collaboration with publishers

Charity Works

Published Books:

Read it Right (ISBN: 978-981-18-4928-2)
Unlock Your Potential to Write Vividly (ISBN:978-981-18-4927-5)

Writing Projects

Importance of Creative Writing (KiasuParents.com)
Encourage Kids to Achieve Goals (HoneyKids Asia)
Anthropological Fiction (UK)
Travel Writing (Maldives, Australia, Georgia, Scandinavia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan)

Students teach me many valuable life lessons, such as the importance of fairness, empathy, listening, and patience. Much time, energy, and dedication goes into teaching. Being a teacher and contributing to a young person’s learning is a unique privilege—and yes, it can be very stressful but it is all worth it.

Carean Oh, Writers Studio

Testimonials and Character References

I just realised I forgot to update you about Howard’s PSLE result – he achieved a good score for EL. Overall he is eligible for express and hence he is all ready to go SST. Thanks for taking him under your wings. Not only had he discovered his strengths, but also found ways to cope with his learning problems. Thank you for being well-organised, caring and always going the extra mile.

Mrs Toh’s 2021 review of Carean Oh‘s mentoring efforts on her son, Pathlight School

Thank you for teaching me English. At first I found it difficult to learn English but now I seem to answer the questions easily, thank you. I am surprised you also like digital art and know so much about NFTs. We share something in common! I like your artwork!

Joelle Tan, PSLE, Marymount Convent School, previously an underachiever
who performed very well in her PSLE under Carean Oh‘s guidance.

You have taught me a lot a good phrases. In my SA1 composition, I scored 9-10 for both my sentence structure and vocab. My oral also improved. I got the highest possible marks for both reading aloud and stimulus based conversation.
Encouragement quotes I learnt from you:
If you put the tiniest effort, you will get results. Never ever give up. Nothing is impossible. If you have no one to encourage you instead of using that as an excuse for failures encourage yourself and use that as a reason why you must succeed!

Kimi Kwek, P5, Radin Mas Primary School, reviews on Carean Oh

PSLE was hard this year and I’m grateful that my teacher was there to encourage me and advise me whenever I had problems.
I was weak in my writing skills and she went the extra mile to give me extra lessons that were really productive and helpful. She taught me many useful tips and techniques that I could use in my compo exam. I am really grateful to her for her encouragement and giving me so much time. I managed to achieve an AL 1, with my compo score for prelims being 38/40.
In class, she is very productive and mentors us. She is no longer a teacher but an educator in many ways. I really improved under her tutelage. Thank you teacher for all your effort!

Kaitlin Tan, PSLE Student, Henry Park Primary School thanks Carean Oh for her coaching.
Kaitlin Tan graduated with an AL1 for English in 2021