September PSLE Creative Writing

September PSLE Creative Writing

PSLE writing comprises 40 marks. This is a 20% weightage of the entire English Language Score.
How much of these marks are allocated to creativity and plotting?
How much of the way you write suggests to the examiners that you deserve a higher language score than your friends?

The marking of writing is a judgemental process. It does not entirely depend on the ability to create proper sentences, sound grammatical use or just a plot that sees a story from the beginning to the end. You need to be persuasive and your story has to convey apt meaning.
A good plot reveals a lesson that you already want to tell by planting hints at the start of the story.

How can you do that?

Writers Studio’s upcoming September Holiday course gives you comprehensive training to write good plots that wow your examiners.
Sometimes, it is just a matter of having the right teacher and the right feedback at the right time.


Learning Outcomes

Students get to :
Leverage on their love of fiction
Revisit popular fiction that they love
Describe vivid settings in writing
Emulate story book characters
Creating convincing problems and resolutions
heightening story climaxes and exciting readers through vivid vocabulary
Ending stories with a coda or proverbial expression


Course Schedule

6 to 8 Sept 2022
12 pm to 2 pm

Course Fees:

$220 (3-day package)
$82 (single day option)

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“I have difficulties trying to control my time in my exams. Sometimes, I simply write too much at the beginning, then when I rushed to finished,
my story climax is too short and undeveloped. I feel that the creative writing lessons at Writers Studio helps me to measure how much I should focus on the different parts of my story.”

~ Joon, P5 student

“This is the 6th holiday programme I have signed up for. My grandmother feels that the course is very helpful.
We are always the first to sign up. The teachers always make sure our writings are marked, commented and the rules are very strict. I need the intensive push as I am in my final year. My grades have been improving every term.”

~ Jordan Yip, P6 Student