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Dear Parents,

In Singapore, the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is a highly anticipated event as it determines which secondary school the student will qualify for. The PSLE is thus a high-stake exam, and parents often put pressure on their children to perform well.

This manifests into academic pressure, where parents expect their children to score high marks and get into a good school. There is also emotional pressure, where parents put their own hopes and dreams on their child’s shoulders.

The pressure to perform well can be overwhelming for some children, and may lead to them feeling stressed or anxious. The truth is we cannot shield our children from the stresses of the exam, but we can definitely help to enrol them into a Proven and Tested Holistic English Programme today that can help create a lasting impact on your child’s results.

Mrs Goh
Principal of Writers Studio

Silvia NgSilvia Ng
03:34 27 Jul 22
One of the rare schools that focused on heart-centered education and academic success for students.I'm always filled with admiration for such teachers and it was a pleasure to meet Writers Studio's principal, Mrs Goh who has such strong dedication for her students and teachersA true renowned school with well-qualified teachers as they are hand-picked and trained in-house with a world-class curriculum. Learnt their creative pedagogy and programmes are constantly improved upon by the students' success and developed by the principal and her astute team.No wonder even my gal (p3) is enthralled after her class and super motivated to read more and practice her writing on her own.🤩😉
Steven TeoSteven Teo
14:39 17 Jul 22
My middle child had gone through a session of creative writing during the school holidays and found it to be interesting and beneficial to her composition writing.
I found the instructor very clear and passionate about the subject. Also their worksheets are quite comprehensive. My son thoroughly enjoyed the session.
Yn LiewYn Liew
01:57 03 Jul 22
My daughter is currently P3 in Mrs Goh class , she have been with writers studio about 2 years now and her school teacher have feedback that her compo writing improved a lot, she is able to use better vocabulary and better phrases in her writing. The admin staff in the centre have been very helpful as well. Thumbs up to writers studio 👍🏻 Best English school in Singapore.
Joshua KuanJoshua Kuan
11:16 29 Jun 22
My children have been studying here for 2 years. Both kids enjoy the lessons very much, and we have also seen significant improvement in their command of the english language. The staff here, esp Bryan has been a great help to us. Thank u very much.Have recommended the place to my friends as well.

Our Philosophy

Teaching Children Language is Important
But Teaching Them to Be Independent Counts More.

Just like a beacon, we guide weaker learners on their language learning journey at a slower pace. Conditioning is done to rectify language comprehension and behavioural issues. 

We ensure your child starts language learning in the most conducive learning environment. Your child will improve and gain confidence in English.

What Your Child Will Learn in This Course

Writers Studio’s STELLAR Integrated Creative Writing Programme compacts English lessons into examinable themes that will prepare students for English mastery. Students acquire skills in Situational Writing and Creative Writing, as well as oracy training. While writing is important, students also need to pick up important language skills to write well. STELLAR prepares your child holistically as the lessons cover both written and spoken language skills, all through to the PSLE.

The Benefits Are Clear

PSLE Specialists since 2010, with Proven Results!

Writers Studio students and teacher


In STELLAR, we focus on holistic English learning and guide our students to excel in the years leading up to the PSLE.

  • Paper 1 (Writing)
  • Paper 2 (Language Use & Comprehension)
  • Paper 4 (Oral Communication)
Writers Studio students and teacher


  • Diagnostic test upon enrolment
  • One-on-one consultation with
  • Evaluate your child’s personal
    language capabilities and abilities
  • Tried-and-tested approach with proven
    results in the past decade 
  • Regular revision and homework with extensive notes

We will recommend a language learning pathway catered to each child. Reach your language goals easily with us!

Writers Studio students and teacher


On top of guided writing practice throughout the course, we also aim to empower students to develop their own unique voice through writing.

At the end of each month, students will produce an independent piece of writing based on common themes and topics covered in schools.

Writers Studio students and teacher


Through our intensive curriculum, students are also taught essential critical thinking skills that can be applied in everyday life. 

STELLAR enables our students to grow and become learned individuals who are able to thrive in the 21st century. 

Create an impact that lasts with Writers Studio.

Find Out What Parents Think

███ mummy
It is natural to feel nervous. ███ has come very far. The compo could be tricky. The theme is very important. He should do a small thematic analysis of the topic before thinking of the plot. Plan with the impact he wants the ending to have. Then work backwards in his mind to plan how he could use each para purposefully to meet the ending and the theme. Think of what is an appropriate opening to create interest and appeal to the reader. Don’t think of the examiner as an examiner. Think of him or her as a reader.
Thanks Mrs Goh
You have been a great teacher
Most of the time nervousness locks up the mind. ███ write down your 3 strengths when it comes to exams. Especially English. Focus on them.
Hi Mrs Goh
███ gets AL4 and Distinction in HC
He is accepted to Hwa Chong Institution also
Kayley Wee ███
Hi Mrs Goh, we are pleased to inform that Kayley got 1 for English 👍 we are very pleased. Thank you for your efforts and encouragement over the years! 💝
Boy Mommy ███
Thank you so much
Thank you very much, teacher, under your guidance, Roy can get such a good score of 1 point, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Hi Mrs ███ Roy has always been a good student with a desire to learn. He has good upbringing.
Which school is he applying for?
Thank you, Mrs Goh. We will continue our tuition class with you 🙏
███(Sri Karthick Mum)
Mrs Goh
Thanks Mrs Goh for all your efforts
WS Elliot Ng
hi ms su, i got al 2 for eng
Hi Elliot, Good to hear that. Well done, Elliot =)
Tan Yu Ning
Quite good AL2 for English
Kaiden/ Kaila David Thong Mum
Hi this is Ms Su, how are you, Kaila? I would like to find out how you have fared for English. Mrs Goh has been concerned. =)
Good AL1
Thanks to Mrs Goh 😊
I am proud of these children. Will continue to be there for hem mentally and emotionally throughout their econdary years if they need any academic support. Feel ree to ask for help. 🙂
Thank you Mrs Goh, appreciate your help and support 😀
Thank you, Mrs Thong.
Ms Audrey/ Petra Tan
just wanted to share the good news that Petra got ALI for English and to thank her. Thanks.
Samantha Chan (Elliott Lim)
Hi! Elliott got AL2 for English
He is quite pleased With his results
Thank you so much to Mrs Goh
Hi Mrs Lim, Good to hear that. Well done, Elliott =)
Darius Tiu
Hi, I got a a12 for English
Luke Timothy Ng (o)
Hi It’s Luke here, I’ve fared AL2 for English
Thanks Mrs Goh, for teaching me throughout the past 2 years and for supporting me and guiding me to work harder and improve in my English!
I appreciate everything you have done for me and the materials that you have provided
Luke will always be a student she will never forget. He is a kid with a high EQ. No doubt will do well all the way to college! =)
Charis Hol remedial
Charis Elizabeth We are thankful for Mrs Goh’s push to AL4 for her. She is happy cos for the longest time she has been hovering at AL5 and she missed by 0.5marks for AL4 during prelims.
And yes, we will continue her English lessons in Writer Studio too 🙂
Pang Jing Fei
ALI for Eng! Congrats to Ms Yeong 😊
Hi Jing Fei ,████████████████████████ MS Yeong would like to meet you and reward you a gift for your good result 👍
Seraphina Foo (Grandpa)
She got AL 1 for her English.
Wow congratulations.
Ms Yeong would like to reward her a gift and take a photo with her for memory. Can she drop by our centre next Tuesday 4.30 PM?
Yes, Seraphina would be more than happy to do that. See her next Tuesday then.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1) How soon can I see my child’s progress after this course?

    Language requires a holistic training approach. Much depends on the proficiency level of the student at the point of entry. We aim to have your child see progress within six months, provided that your child is able to fulfil our course requirements.

    2) Tell me more about your teachers? Are your teachers qualified to teach
    my child?

    Our teachers are experienced and qualified. They are registered with the Ministry of Education. We have a good blend of tutors with years of experience as well as ex-MOE teachers in our team.

    3) How big is your class size?

    Our class size varies according to the academic levels. Younger children will experience smaller classes of 4-6 students while older children will be in classes of 6 to 8.

    4) Do you have online lessons for this course?

    We conduct onsite lessons for PSLE classes as our students benefit from physical interactions with their teachers