Secondary 1 Preparatory Class

Secondary 1 Preparatory Class

Effective and Proven Language Arts Training for 2023
Get ahead for Literature and English
O-Level and IP Training

Why do you need this course?

You will have more than 6 subjects to prepare for in Secondary One. You will receive your first weighted assessment by early February. In some schools, as early as January. Juggling all your subjects and trying to ace them will impose much stress on you, not to mention new CCA commitments. This course prepares you ahead of time so you can free time from having regular English lessons in the beginning of secondary 1.

How good are the lessons?

Proven effective within the shortest possible time, our Secondary 1 preparatory classes have helped hundreds of students cope well since 2012 before they embark on their secondary school journey. We have received excellent reviews from students who had taken this holiday course, as they ease off English tuition in year 1 while also achieving wonderful academic results.

How you can achieve cost savings for Sec 1?

This course comes at a lower-than-usual price. If you wish to continue attending secondary school lessons with us, simply inform us and get tickets to a great course starter package for Term 1 2023 with 2 free lessons.

We invite you to join our niche Secondary 1 preparatory classes that will see you through Literature and English language prep with a breeze. After all, you will be taught only by experienced and qualified secondary school teachers.

Practical exercises & effective techniques

  • Get familiarised with WA requirements
  • Practise essay techniques for Literature & English
  • Analyse Narrative / Discursive comprehension texts
  • Tips & Tricks for Summary Writing
  • Learn to analyse poems & prose

Camp Schedule

From 5 to 28 Nov 2022

2 sets of 4 lessons
4 Literature lessons
4 English lessons
(Total 8 lessons)

Mon 7 to 9 pm
Sat 11 am to 1 pm

Course Fees:

$549 per package
$72.50 Single day option

Recent Reviews from Course Participants

writers studio student testimony

Natasha Chow

Sec 1, West Spring Secondary

"I am so glad I took the course ahead of everyone else last year. Now that I am in Sec 1, I have secured a good grade...I scored an A2 for 2 terms!"
Dylan Lee

Dylan Lee

Sec 1, ACS Independent

"The Sec 1 Prep classes were really helpful. I learnt to apply what I learnt in school. The essay lessons are particularly spot on. My tutor at Writers Studio is very experienced and cares for my grades. Recently, I scored an A1!"
writers studio student testimony

Tristan Chan

Sec 1, ACS Independent

"My tutor is very caring. She is always open to questions during the lessons & even after that. She takes time to explain how I can improve on my GLA poetry analysis and is able to pinpoint what I am weak in. Writers Studio has caring and experienced teachers that I can rely on."