About Serena Ng

Serena has been teaching English for the past 2 to 3 years. Upon graduating from the Bachelor of Psychology, she discovered her calling in helping young children reach their academic potential. She inculcates values during her lesson and would share life stories to enhance her teaching. Besides emphasis on character building, parents of her students have commented that her fun-loving teaching style brings about inquisition and passion in their child while studying the language. As a creative writing teacher,she knows that building literacy is crucial. She helps students think critically when solving novel situations. By writing creatively, students are given a platform to express themselves and practice independent thinking which would enrich their educational performance.

Serena is a strong advocate for sustainability. She is vocal in sharing tips and tricks in reducing, reusing and repurposing unwanted materials and raises awareness as a volunteer in a sustainability campaign beyond the classroom setting. To generate her creative juices, she likes talking leisure strolls in parks and painting for inspiration.

Serena’s life quote:

“Practice will take you far, passion will take you further.”

She shares this life motto with her students and encourages them to do their best as they pursue their interests. As she imparts knowledge, she hopes to nurture children to have a heart for learning.