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Six thousand years ago, there were no measurements of time. 'Time' did not exist in the way it does today. When Dor was a child, he was interested in the idea of measuring moments and that interest only grew when he got older. But when Dor's beloved wife, Alli, was about to die from a strange disease, he came to rue the very thing he sought to control. He wanted to stop time and keep Alli alive forever. He climbed the tower to the gods to try and make them stop time. This tower would come to be known as the Tower of Babel.


God knew the consequences of time. He knew that once humans realized that they could measure time, there would be no end for the pain that time would cause. For Dor's punishment, he must spend eternity in a cave, listening to the voices of people who want more time, or less time, or for time to stop.


Six thousand years pass without Dor aging a day. He is released from his imprisonment, and, in order to redeem himself, must help two people who don't understand the meaning of time: Sarah Lemon and Victor Delamonte.

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