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Integrated Creative Writing

In this course, we will provide intensive guidance on creative writing,

exposing students to a variety of themes that range from moral values to

deeper, darker themes of secrets and remorse. Have a meaningful session exploring various story starters and elements which deepens your sense

of creative writing. Be guided by our consultants who are trained

to teach creative writing at varied paces. 

     Vocabulary Expressions

A strong repertoire of vocabulary will make one appear more professional and competent in every aspect of life. Through this course, students will be able

to use the right words to express themselves proficiently. They will also have fun in creating an interesting story line that is enhanced by using appropriate and interesting language devices. Having broaden their vocabulary, students will naturally be able to comprehend complex stories and articles, easing their ability to excel in reading comprehension in higher education.

            Critical Reading

Now that students are concurrently expanding their vocabulary, they can communicate with others confidently by engaging the right form of words. This course empowers students with reading and comprehension skills so they will be able to decipher complex articles. We expose students to a broad range of reading genre through speech, articles and audio devices. Over the course, the students will start to employ new story ideas and concepts through the reading programme, where their writing will be enhanced with creativity and literary finesse. 

        Competency in Sentence Construction

In the local context, many native Singaporeans are limited in alternating between sentence structures both verbally and in writing. Such skills are best cultivated from a young age. The knowledge of conveying one's ideas cogently in passive and active voices, as well as synthesising statements skilfully through conjunctions, is important. Our language programme introduces and reinforces such vital skills that every child can develop over the course of the months spent

in the studio. Their alma mater have benefited much and have a differentiated advantage from their peers who lack such foundation. These skills are highly important for crafting complex persuasive writing pieces in college and at work. 

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