KAREN YEONG                                                                Qualified Consultant


With more than a decade of experience, Karen is a treasured addition to the WS team. 

Karen is a dedicated tutor by experience. She graduated from the University of London. Proficient in the English Language, she has a faithful following of students who refer to her for mentorship and guidance.


Karen is much sought-after for her ability to break down complex grammar, comprehension and syntax for students who are not linguistically proficient and deliver lessons in an encouraging fashion. She is very creative and uses a range of teaching tools to cater to different learning needs. Karen is well versed in the teaching of primary school through junior colleague studies.


When asked to describe her teaching philosophy, Karen expresses her vision of equipping all students with a stronger foundation in the language so that they are able to express themselves coherently and effectively in preparation for higher education. To her, English is a fundamental linguistic medium. No matter how academically weak a student is, English has to be the strongest subject. Quoting Ludwig Wittgenstein, Karen cites that "The limit of one's language is akin to the limits of one's world." 


As a mentor, Karen believes that tailoring the way a student learns English involves an accurate diagnosis of their learning difficulties.  Once identified, she would work on each issue progressively, while giving the necessary stretch to bring out the potential in a student.

Having taught and proven results for students with learning needs, Karen works well with special cases requiring attention on a private basis. In addition, she is skilful in working with younger children or struggling students who seek a bolster their academic confidence. She communicates well with parents and collaborates closely with them to ensure better results.


“Sometimes a student needs to have a taste of success in progressive stages. Students cannot be achievers overnight. Every child has the potential to learn and it only takes a more persistent teacher to bring out the best in a student,” Karen adds.


It is no wonder that Karen is a teacher that even her foreign students' parents are grateful for. She enthuses, "My foreign clients are most intriguing. Once, a Korean customer even remembers me after her family returns to Singapore for a visit. She visited and gave me interesting rice cakes to express her gratitude."


With her zeal for her vocation, Karen will make a difference to many students' lives.









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