STEPHANIE LEE                                    


At Writers Studio, we select our teachers carefully. Teachers are equipped with the right attitude, apitude and competencies.

Ms Stephanie Lee is one of the teachers whom we are pleased to work with.

Having been trained in the National Institute of Education, she has acquired a wealth

professional teaching experience of twelve years. 


She is an astute teacher with a no-nonsense style, often pre-empting problems that

a student might potentially face. In addressing students' learning needs, she will

encourage them to strike a good balance between studying hard and smart. Her lessons are a medley of 3Rs, Revision, Reiteration and Reinvention. She focuses on leveraging

on class dynamics to engage each student, where under an enthused state, the child

gains confidence in speaking and critical thinking. Thereafter, the child is able to receive knowledge and retention concepts taught. 

Ms Lee has her unique way with children. She has earned the respect of her students

with her assertive and perfectionistic nature. She was previously a speech and drama

club teacher as well. Perfectionistic style. Most importantly, she has strong  analytical  skills that enables her to approach each student skilfully, to bring out the best in them. Students whom she have taught are mindful of strategic approaches to tackling writing, reading and grammar. Ms Lee has a positive teaching attitude which we adore. 





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