Fun Sharpener (FB007)

Get this cute sharpener and share it with your friend. #bffrocks #yesbuythis

SALE: $20

Flag Eraser (FB008)

Get a whole collection of it and have a battle with your friends! Be the ultimate winner of the game! #nofear #yesyoucandoit

SALE: $7

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Alternatively, you may click on the icon to download the order form below. You're required to submit the order form to your respective class teacher or email to :

Rainbow Magic Glue(FB003)

WS: $20

These glittered glues are magical looking and it is pretty if you spread out

the glues out on a piece

of paper.

Red Hello Kitty Blue Pen (0.7) (FB010)

Get recharged with these pens during the examination!

SALE: $25

Multi-coloured Hello Kitty Pen (FB013)

It lightens the mood and fasten the pace of writing and corrections. Its worth the investment!

SALE: $30 - $40

Hello Kitty Correction Tape

(FB017) Instead of erasing and making a big hole in your assignments,lets just use this correction tape to make your life easier!

SALE: $30

Cartoon Character Pen


Doodle your childhood dreams with these cute cartoon characters pens.

SALE: $30

Animal Ruler (FB025)

Its always a happy thing to see cute stationary in the pencil box, so yes get it!

SALE: $20

Embosser (FB034) WS: $90

Embossing is a fun way and creative way of sending your love to your loved ones. They will definitely cherish it! Grab it while it lasts!

Cartoon Character Pen


dad where are you  & white hello kitty (SOLD OUT) Quick get this while stocks last!

SALE: $25-$40

Craft Punch (FB035) WS: $90

If you lack of ideas to input design on your card, you can actually use this to beautify it. I believed it will make a difference.

Popcorn Exam Note Taker (FB028) WS: $150

With these yummy little memo stands, there isnt any way you can resist. Grab one and enjoy memo-ing down your thoughts.

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