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Acceptance of Enrolment Agreement: This enrolment is subject to the terms and conditions set out on this Agreement. I have read and understood the contents

here in and I am fully aware that the terms and conditions are intended to form

part of this Agreement.


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1.Definitions: The following definitions shall apply:

Writers Studio means Writers Studio Pte. Ltd. and any of its associated companies

Agreement means the Enrolment Agreement to which these Terms and Conditions attached

Client means the party shown on the Enrolment Agreement

ICW means one of the Intergrated Creative Writing ability levels offered by Writers Studio as indicated by the program code on the Enrolment agreement

Lesson refers to the delivery of the lesson materials and the materials used by students registered under Writers Studio

2. Commitments: Writers Studio shall provide the following commitments:

a)  To conduct the ICW in a professional manner at the venue specified on the   Enrolment Agreement, subject to clause 3

b)  To use highly qualified and experienced teachers to conduct the lessons

c)   To provide an environment that is conducive to learning and in the best interest

of the student participant’s safety and well-being

d)   To offer alternative class schedules should minimum number of students per

class is not met or if a lesson has to be rescheduled

3. Cancellation or Amendment: Writers Studio has the right to cancel the lesson

or to amend the lesson schedule or class timetable in the event of an insufficient number of students in the class or due to unforeseen circumstances. If the cancellation is by Writers Studio, the tuition fee for the lesson cancelled will be refunded to the Client in full. If a change in the schedule is required prior to the lesson, the client will be informed immediately. If a re-schedule is required before

the commencement of The lesson, the Client will be informed up to 14 days (if situation permits) prior to the commencement of the lesson.

Valid reason subjected to the approval of the management of Writers Studio must

be provided in the event of an absence from a tuition session. A make-up session is available for the student in replacement of the session that has been missed.

The date of the make-up is subjected to the teacher’s schedule. Any make-up session shall be made within the month where the missed session falls in. In the event that

a make-up is missed, no refund of lesson fee will be given. Exceptions are made for special circumstances such as school camps, overseas trips, urgent private affairs

or long illnesses or injury that requires time for recovery to take place. In such events, official documents have to be shown to the teacher. A mutually agreed replacement date shall be made between the parent and the teacher.

4. Payment: The Client shall pay the tuition fee in full at the time of signing the Enrolment Agreement. In addition, Writers Studio reserves the right to suspend the student from the lesson until such time as the tuition fee is paid.

Fee payment for a new academic term shall be made on the last session of the prevailing term in cash or by cheque to Writers Studio Pte. Ltd. For cheque payment, address a crossed cheque to WRITERS STUDIO PTE. LTD. and indicate the student’s full name and parent’s contact number on the back of the cheque. There shall be no refund of tuition fee or proration thereof in the event of a cancellation of session or in the case where the student is late for a lesson or exits from a lesson prematurely.

5. Withdrawals and Refund: The procedures for withdrawals and refund will be in accordance with the company’s prevailing policies subject to the following conditions:

In the event of a course termination, there shall be no refund of course fees. The student shall continue to attend lessons until the end of the prevailing term.

6. Ownership: Ownership of any lesson material provided by Writers Studio shall only pass to the registered student once the payment is paid in full.

7. Intellectual Property: The Client acknowledges and agrees that all intellectual property in the lesson materials is the sole property of Writers Studio. Furthermore, the Client acknowledges and agrees that he/she will receive no right, title or interest

of any nature in the said intellectual property other than the non-exclusive use of the lesson materials for the purpose of the lessons. The Client must not, nor permit or allow any party to copy, translate, extract, summarize, adapt or reproduce any of the lesson materials. The Client must not, nor permit or allow any party to distribute, rent, lend, sell or otherwise offer for a fee or not, the lesson materials to any third party.

8. Benefits: The Client acknowledges and agrees that the degree of benefits that

the nominated student will gain as a result of the lessons will depend in part upon

the efforts and capabilities of the student. Writers Studio will ensure each student

will be given the opportunity to participate to his/her potential.

9. Elite Reader’s Club Membership: Library membership shall not be transferrable and is exclusive to the registered applicant. All library books shall be returned by the due date; or a request for renewal of the loan shall be applied for by the due date.

A compensation equivalent to the cost of the book shall be charged to the parent of the registered student in the event of non-return, loss or irreparable damage of

library books.

10. Written Variations: Any variations to the terms and conditions herein and/or

the Enrolment Agreement shall only be valid and enforceable if in writing and signed by both parties.

11. Written Notices: Any notice required or needed to be given herein must be in writing or email and shall be adequately given if posted or delivered to the address

of the other party as shown on the Enrolment Agreement.

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