Stellar Integrated Writing Course

    P1/P2 Developmental training
    P3 Familiarisation with critical thinking
    P4-P6 Preparation for graduating exams
    S1-S2 Laying the foundation for higher levels
    S3-S4 Preparing for junior college

Why the Stellar Integrated Writing Course?

In a modern society marked by astounding progress in new media, the progressive student must be able to think on his/her feet, and to write and communicate effectively. Not only must he/she be able to persuade readers quickly (by skilfully formulating sentences while at the same time conforming to grammatical rules), he/she must be able to grapple with a wide variety of texts , to synthesize well and to create new content in the written form.

We make our students active thinkers and effective communicators, aware of contemporary events around the world and cross-culturally sensitive.