Stardream Integrated Writing Course

    S1-S2 Laying foundation for higher levels
    S3-S4 Preparing for junior college

Why the Stardream Integrated Writing Course?

If English mastery is the bane of your life, enrol in our Stardream English Mastery Course now! Designed to help secondary level learners ace their O-level English, the students will learn to read to synthesize, write to summarize, and tackle visual texts. Writing and all its multifarious forms will no longer be feared but conquered. We will unlock secrets to eclipse your hand, pen and mind like planets coming into galactic alignment. 

Catapult your writing skills to new heights with current affairs integration, an enlarged vocabulary pool and sharp awareness of contexts. Skilfully rectify grammar errors as they occur. Benefit from deep reflections culminating in opinion formation and position-taking in arguments.

How do I Enroll?


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