Dear Reader,


Writers Studio is a platform for English language mastery. Beyond our

medieval themed doors is a world of literary works created by our clients.


What is a Studio? Theoretically, it is an artist’s workroom; a catchall term

for an artist and his fellow artists who research, experiment

and exchange intensive ideas to produce their best craft.


Writers Studio is not a brick-and-mortar construct, but a living world

of budding writers. With members as young as five-year-olds to young adults,

we are a close-knit community of language lovers. Behind them all is an active

team of consultants who are highly experienced in bringing the ensemble together.


We will continue to deliver the best effort to

our members who are eloquent, confident and creative.

Carean L. Oh 

Principal Consultant

Writers Studio

How do I Enroll?


Drop us an email at

Sales & enquiries: 96503000
Land line: 64693997

to make an appointment

*Screening tests & Interviews may be conducted

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