Benefits Of Writing

Writing provides us with an opportunity to create inspired life experiences,and help us go beyond difficult moments in life. You can use writing as a platform to achieve new thinking on how you want to excel, both spiritually and mentally. Creative writing is demanding, particularly if you are just starting out. Moreover, it is a competitive when you decide to become a professional.

1. Evening Contemplation

and Relaxation

Most of us have very busy schedules as well as a fair

bit of stress on our minds, and it’s not uncommon for

these things to weigh on us when we actually have a few moments’ respite from non-stop responsibilities—like when we’re trying to sleep. Consider keeping a notepad or journal beside your bed, and allot 15-20 minutes every night to writing down your thoughts about the day. If there are things that are stressing you out, getting them down on paper to acknowledge them may help to alleviate the anxiety so you can get some rest. Alternatively, you can use that time to think about all the great things that happened to you over the course of the day, so that the last thoughts you have before drifting off are positive, constructive ones.

 3. Improve Your  

    Verbal and

    Writing Skills

When you are writing something down, you become more careful

in choosing the right words. This means your writing will be more

eloquent, concise, and elegant than your actual speech. But, if you keep at it long enough, plenty of those beautifully put together words, phrases, and sentences will begin to find their way in into your verbal speech. You will start to use an expanded vocabulary, which will leave a better impression of you on the person you are communicating with. Both your personal and professional lives stand to benefit from this.


2. Inspiring

4. Put Your Life Events

     into Perspective

One of the most basic examples of this is keeping a journal, but it’s not the only way of putting things into perspective. Writing fiction will also help you analyze things and look at them from a different point of view. You will be

able to draw parallels between those fictional events and situations, and those which took place for real in your life. This will help you look at them in a more objective light. Another effective way of doing this is to start a blog. This will make you think long and hard before you write anything down since your work will read by an audience.


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