Hi! If you're a young fiction writer who wishes or in need of comments and writing tips, write in

to join the writers circle. of like-minded individuals - congratulations, you've found it! At its heart,

Writers' Circle gives fiction writers a place to get constructive feedback on their work and

learn more about getting published through talks and workshops by professionals. 

Our criteria is very simple: you must have a passion of writing fiction.  Our writers are at all

stages and levels (from start to submissions) so it doesn't matter if you've been writing for years,

or just a few months, we're here for everyone and we'd love to meet you. However, all membership

requests are reviewed by admins so please answer the questions we've asked - and you'll need

to be an approved member before you can RSVP/pay for our sessions. Requests are normally

approved within a few days but often faster.

Lastly, we don't believe in groups where everyone is forced to contribute/offer feedback

*shudder* so we'll never pressure anyone to read before they're ready. 

How do I Enroll?


Drop us an email at

Sales & enquiries: 96503000
Land line: 64693997

to make an appointment

*Screening tests & Interviews may be conducted

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