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The welcome wagon being an imperfect entity, Auggie finds himself sitting alone at lunch the first day of school. Out of the blue though, a really nice girl named Summer sits down and strikes up conversation. She first sits with him because she feels sorry for him, but it doesn't take long for the two kids to become friends.


Outside of lunch, Jack's desk is next to Auggie's in almost every class. And once he gets used to Auggie's face, Jack realizes that Auggie is a cool, smart, fun kid, plus a really good friend. So while he's not exactly Mr. Popular, Auggie has made a couple of solid friends.

But Jack lacks self-confidence and the

courage to stick with his convictions, and finds himself badmouthing Auggie with the best of 'em. Except he doesn't realize that Auggie is sitting at the next desk over, wearing a Halloween mask. It's a devastating betrayal, one that sends Auggie bolting for the bathroom in tears and swearing never to return to school.


Luckily his big sister, Via, prods him into returning, saying that learning to cope with the awful days is part of growing up and facing life. Plus she threatens to rat him out. She's still his sister, after all.







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