Lower Secondary

Literature Course

10th Nov to 29th Dec

Back by popular demand

Tuesdays (21/11 - 26/12) : 12pm 2:30pm

Fridays (10/12 - 29/12) : 2:30pm - 5pm

$70 per lesson

*Select a minimum of 10 lessons from the course menu.

Registration must be made for a minimum of 12

lessons from the course menu.

Register for 12 lessons by 10th Nov 2017 and

be entitled to the 13th lesson free.

Select a minimum of 12 lessons from the course menu.


1) Pick and choose your module

2) Redemption of 20% gratitude vouchers

for 2017 PSLE students from Writers Studio

3) All who sign up for the course get to redeem 1 free English or Literature

lesson in Term 1 when they register for 2017 Literature / English classes.

How do I Enroll?


Drop us an email at


Sales & enquiries: 96503000
Land line: 64693997

to make an appointment

*Screening tests & Interviews may be conducted

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