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This includes wors intended for and written by an audience usually between the ages of two and sixteen. the opening

of the work taught will be vivid enough

to capture the reader’s attention and the writing throughout must be action-oriented enough to keep it interesting. Story ideas begin with a strong character and meaningful, directed action. The use of suspense and the interplay of human relationships are two features of effective juvenile fiction. Books and stories are told almost exclusively from a single viewpoint

(in first or third person), as this

technique helps to establish and sustain

a sense of reader identity. Categories of children’s books are usually divided in this way: (1) picture and storybooks (ages two to nine)… ; (2) easy-to-read books (ages seven to nine)… ; (3) “middle-age” [also called “middle grade”] children’s books (ages eight to twelve)… ; (4) young adult books (ages twelve to sixteen).


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Realistic Fiction


Typically involves a story whose basic setting (time and location in the world) is real and whose events could feasibly happen in that real-world setting; non-realistic fiction involves a story where the opposite is the case, often being set an entirely imaginary universe, an alternative history of the world other than that currently understood as true, or some other non-existent location or time-period, sometimes even presenting impossible technology or a defiance of the currently understood laws of nature.


Fictional Biography

The biography of a real person that goes beyond the events of a person’s life by being fleshed out with imagined scenes and dialogue. The writer of fictional biographies strives to makeit clear that the story is, indeed, fictionand not history.



A form of narration in which one

or more elements remain unknown or unexplained until the end of the story. The modern mystery story contains elements of the serious novel: a convincing account of a character’s struggle with various physical and psychological obstacles in an effort to achieve his goal, good characterization and sound motivation.

Roman a Clef

The French term for "novel with a key," This type of novelin corporates real people and events into the story under the guise of fiction. Robert Penn Warren's All the King's Men, in which the character Willie Stark represents Huey Long, is a novel in this genre.



Adventure Story

A genre of fiction in which action is the key element, overshadowing characters, theme and setting... The conflict is an adventure story is often man agaainst nature. A secondary plot that reinforces this kind of conflict is sometimes included. In Allistair MacLean's Night Without End, for example, the hero, while investigating a mysterious Arctic air crash, also finds himself dealing with espionage or sabotage.




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