Frequently Asked Questions

Fee-Related Questions


1.      Do we charge registration, miscellaneous fee and GST?


Yes. Upon registration, a non-refundable $20 registration fee and is payable for each account created. A two-lesson deposit is payable. The deposit is refundable upon permanent withdrawal.


2.      When are fees collected?


Course fee will be collected on a termly basis; each term consists of three months. Fee has

to be paid before the first lesson. Registration period will be announced on our website. Payment of all fees is by cash, cheque, nets, Paypal and credit card. Credit card and Paypal payments are subjected to transaction fees. All fees paid are non-refundable,

non-transferable and non-negotiable. Cheque has to be cleared before the lesson starts.

Do check out our website, for more updates.


3.      How are the fees calculated?


The fees will be calculated based on the number of teaching lessons in the particular term. Additional fees might be included in the invoice in the following circumstances:

-        When your child progresses to the next academic level;

-        When your child takes up another subject;

-        When there is a course fee increment by Writer’s Studio School of English.

There shall be promotions and referral fees which clients can enjoy from time to time.

Class Schedule Related Questions

1.      What are your opening hours?


We will be open all year round except on public holidays.


2.      What are your admin office’s opening hours?


Admin Office is open from Monday to Sunday from 1000h to 1800h daily and is closed for lunch from 12:30pm - 1:30pm.


3.      What should I do if I miss a lesson?


Do contact 64693997 / 83993997 should your child require special arrangement due to medical or travel reasons. Supporting documents must be furnished before approval. Make-up is subjected to three times per term for each student with valid documentation. No refund is permitted for business viability. Please refer to Terms and Conditions for more details.


4.      Will the class schedule change?


In the event that the class has to be rescheduled, parents will be contacted by email or text messages. Only qualified studio teachers are conducting make-up lessons.

Other Questions


1.      How do you encourage my child?


We have a member incentive system for every student in Writer’s Studio. The points will be awarded by the teacher when the student displays good attitude towards learning. The points will be collated to redeem prizes on the student portal.


2.      Are your lessons conducted according to school syllabus?

Yes. Our lessons are developed based on school syllabus (as determined by MOE or SEAB). Our resource team is headed by our qualified and experienced founder who has vast experience in pedagogy. She is familiar with the local exam and internal syllabi.


3.      What are the expectations of the teachers?


Homework is given after every lesson, and the student is expected to completed 80% of the homework. Valid reason has to be given for incomplete work. In addition, a file, a homework

record book and a notebook will be given to the student for filing of worksheets and recording notes. These have to be brought for all lessons. Replacement fee for lost copies of studio notebooks applies.


Students should be aware that they are attending the course(s) to study and are expected to behave responsibly at all times. Activities, which cause disturbance to other students or Writers Studio, will result in dismissal from the lesson. In such cases, no refund or fees will be made.  


Privileges of Writer’s Studio Student


1.      What are the privileges?


Only Writer’s Studio Students are given the privilege to purchase refreshments from Writer’s Studio Café. It will be open from Mon to Fri, 1130am – 230pm, at Beauty World Centre, #03-17. We are selling prepacked refreshment at cost. We only accept cash.


On top of that, Writer’s Studio Students are entitled to a minimum of 10% discount for all products in All Things English. All Things English is a one-stop store for all the enrichment resources you need to study and excel in English. Pens and stationery are selling at reasonable price. You can visit the exclusive bookstore at 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Beauty World Centre, #03-09, Singapore 588177.


Writer’s Studio Student will also be given a membership card. Students can use the library card to borrow books or purchase merchandise from our extensive library and bookstore. Replacement fees for lost card applies.   

How do I Enroll?


Drop us an email at

Sales & enquiries: 96503000
Land line: 64693997

to make an appointment

*Screening tests & Interviews may be conducted

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