Creative Writing March Holiday (P3, P4)

Creative Writing March Holiday Programme

Pri 3 to 4 Creative Writing Boosters

Pri 3 to 4 Creative Writing March Holiday Programme

You may be thinking that it is fine to start training for the PSLE when your child gets older. It is not that important to hot house them early. Give them a break this holiday. However, as creative writing teachers who have seen so many graduates over the years, starting early is the best way to ensure excellent results. We endeavour to optimise your time and ensure that your child learns the critical skills necessary within this short time frame that you allocate for us.

Here are the reasons:

Leveraging on our experience, Our insights – for precision training
Drawing from our extensive experience and insights, we provide dynamic training to address your child’s fears for writing. Our goal is to help them develop in this critical skill as early as possible. It does not matter if your child is not enrolled with us, and only here for the short term. We will do our utmost to gain his or her attention, and motivate your child to write.

Assessing a student’s creative writing demands experience. By Primary 4, such expectations have significantly changed. Primary 3 and 4 are critical levels where the true foundation for success in creative writing at the Primary 5 & 6 levels is developed.

Advanced Assessment ahead of the Exams
Even if your child has not yet taken formal exams, our dedicated teachers will meticulously assess their writing abilities rigorously, providing insightful comments on their potential exam performance. On the first day of the programme, your child will receive a diagnosis of their current writing issues. We promise only to be encouraging. Assessment results will be shared in a tactful and positive manner, so that your child will not feel any inhibition and stress. Using our in-house rubric, we will identify any language gap and offer tailored solutions for improvement in our feedback.

Intermediate Plot and Language Training
We understand the importance of plot and language finesse in helping to shape your child’s writing scores in the future. We focus on teaching in a fun way to activate the cognition of your child. Diverse fiction genres ensures versatility and adaptability in writing, so your child can respond creatively to the exam topic. Our teachers are trained to teach your child to unlock their writing skills in ways that cater to both students who are reticent and those who deny any form of writing intervention. Our programme writers are trained to design curriculum that caters to talented students as well as those with learning issues. We do need to highlight that all candidates for our creative writing courses will be screened to ensure that the classes can go on smoothly.

Repeat Customer Satisfaction
Our holiday programme boasts a high success rate and satisfaction score among repeat customers. Parents trust us to deliver results, thanks to our meticulous approach to teaching and commitment to excellence. In fact, they return because of our meticulous approach to teacher training and lesson delivery. You don’t want to waste money or time, and we understand that what matters most is the quality of the programme. Our experienced teachers provide more attention to your child during the lesson to ensure results.

Join us this holiday and bring your little ones here for an opportunity to improve in their creative writing experience. Our experienced teachers are dedicated to driving results and ensuring your child’s success in the programme. In fact, a certificate of participation awaits!

Learning outcomes:

  • Practise creative writing with structured scaffold
  • Correct and Rectify writing issues faced in school
  • Rebuild confidence and ignite interest
  • Intensive writing practice for beginning writers
  • Emphasis on good writing habits
  • Write an effective writing piece to score in the exams

Workshop Schedule:

Primary 3

12 to 15 March (Tue to Fri )
930 am – 1130 am

Primary 4:

12 to 15 March (Tue to Fri )
12 pm -2 pm

Course Fees:

Primary 3:
$255 per package
$68 (single-day options)
*Minimum 2 days

Primary 4:
$275 per package
$73 (single-day options)
*Minimum 2 days

Early bird discount ends 8 March

Recent Reviews from Course Participants

~ Scarlett Cheng

~ Scarlett Cheng

“My favourite story is Father Christmas. We get to act out a skit before we started analysing the characters. During that lesson, I learnt to write something meaningful. Best of all, I could get a lollipop as a reward. This is my third holiday course at Writers Studio.”
~ James Lew Jia En

~ James Lew Jia En

“I like to write but I needed to put on a bigger thinking cap. I learnt to make some bends in my story plot. I learnt new ways to write about the characters and what they do in their stories. I could pick up new vocabulary because at every paragraph, we are taught new phrases.”
~ Kang Yu Cheng

~ Kang Yu Cheng

“I enjoy the lessons taught during the Creative Writing Camp. There were so many interesting activities. I remember that we had to wear a face mask with a big nose and act out a character. It makes me think about what the character will say and do in my story. I learn to create new characters in my stories.”

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