June holiday is just around the corner. Writers Studio will be having workshops for existing Primary 6 students. To sign up, simply just click on which day you would like to join and fill up your details!

Be prepared as Carean cover everything  for you to ace your compo!

  • developing suspense

  • unique intro / conclusion

  • appropriate use of speeches

  • interesting verbs of animation

  • empathy with characters feelings

  • coherent story development / foreshadow techniques

  • attention-grabbing story starters

  • plot twists / impactful endings

What are you waiting for!? Sign up now!!

*Do take note that students can only book 1 workshop  

How do I Enroll?


Drop us an email at


Sales & enquiries: 96503000
Land line: 64693997

to make an appointment

*Screening tests & Interviews may be conducted

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