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Literature Secondary One Preparatory Programme

Literature Secondary One Preparatory Programme
October - December
Open to P6 2018 graduating students

Dear P6 Students,
How have you been? Would you like to be more prepared for Literature in 2019? Well, we have prepared a series of interesting and useful workshops for Lit just for you.
Taught on a modular basis, these workshops equip you with the language devices, techniques and exam skills that you need to do well for the subject. You won't be without a clue when 2019 classes start. This course is also great for students who will be taking the IP and IB streams.
Here are details on our courses which have proven results and positive feedback. Prices shown here are for P6 students who were not enrolled with us in 2018.
*For 2018 P6 WS Students, contact us for a special promotions for this course.

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